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1 I Got You

Best song ever. Bebe has a good voice for this

Good beat and tune

Greatest song by an Albanian artist!

Greatest hit of 2016!

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2 Gateway Drug
3 In the Name of Love

This song surely pays off

4 Take Me Home
5 I Can't Stop Drinking About You
6 Me, Myself & I
7 Hey Mama

Simply love the intense chorus that bebe throws. Amazing song! - Ark-M

I though it was Nicki Minaj my bad...

Chorus doesmf even sound like her

8 I'm Gonna Show You Crazy

This is simply one of the most empowering and inspiring songs I've ever heard. It made me like her.

This is her best song. The chorus is ridiculous and should be one of the greatest. I kinda think that Bebe has become generic which is exactly what she was fighting against in this song! This song is still awesome though.

This is one of her best songs ever

9 Atmosphere
10 Pray

The Newcomers

? Back to You

Should definitely be on within the top ten! She's so cool!

The Contenders

11 No Broken Hearts

The best until now

Listening to it right now!

12 Sweet Beginnings
13 The Way I are (Dance with Somebody)
14 I Don't Wanna Grow Up V 1 Comment
15 Small Doses


16 F.F.F

Inspering consedering the many people who have dumped me! I listen to it for insperation.

17 Bad Bitch
18 Gone
19 Cry Wolf
20 Monster Under My Bed
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1. Hey Mama
2. Pray
3. Sweet Beginnings
1. Take Me Home
2. I Got You
3. I Can't Stop Drinking About You
1. Me, Myself & I
2. In the Name of Love
3. Gateway Drug



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