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1 I Got You

Bebe Rexha is really underrated. When I first discovered Bebe Rexha, I was really happy and was listening to her songs all the time, because I had just discovered pop music that I actually liked.

Bebe literally had me blown away be all your fault pt 1. That album was my summer anthem, I had to listen to at least one of her songs from the album everyday. Great album with great songs

Best song ever. Bebe has a good voice for this

Good beat and tune

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2 Take Me Home

It is so catchy

Take me home with you queen Bebe šŸ˜‚

But I still stay because you're the only thing I know
So won't you taaake maaae
Won't you take me home?

3 In the Name of Love

Love this song SO MUCH!

YESS! love this song

This song surely pays off

Love this

4 Gateway Drug

Such a good song

5 I Can't Stop Drinking About You
6 Steady

Just love the dark vibe.. it sounds cool. This reminds me of summer for some reason

7 Me, Myself & I

I love this song! Bebe's voice is amazing!

8 Hey Mama

Love it this is the best she has EVER done!

Simply love the intense chorus that bebe throws. Amazing song! - Ark-M

I though it was Nicki Minaj my bad...

Chorus doesmf even sound like her

9 Ferrari
10 I'm Gonna Show You Crazy

so good

love i

Best song ever but the nightcores better

This is her best song. The chorus is ridiculous and should be one of the greatest. I kinda think that Bebe has become generic which is exactly what she was fighting against in this song! This song is still awesome though.

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? Girl in the Mirror

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11 The Way I are (Dance with Somebody)
12 Meant to Be

This is better than "I Got You"

Hell no

What the heck? This is no doubt Bebe's best song. Come on u tasteless people... Have some sense at least

This is possibly the worst list iv'e seen! Come on people 17? - 23MACCAja

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13 Atmosphere


14 Sweet Beginnings
15 Pray
16 2 Souls on Fire
17 No Broken Hearts

I love this song! 11/10

The best until now

Listening to it right now!

18 Small Doses


19 Don't Get Any Closer
20 Back to You

The best in the list

Should definitely be on within the top ten! She's so cool!

It's an overplayed song, but some other word like an F word and the BS word really made me hated the song. I want the radio edit version.

21 I Don't Wanna Grow Up

So cool. Love you, Bebe!

22 F.F.F

Everyone in school

This song should definitely be in the top 10

Inspering consedering the many people who have dumped me! I listen to it for insperation.

23 Iā€™m a Mess

I love this song

24 Bad Bitch
25 Gone
26 Cry Wolf

This has got to be her best unreleased song ever.

27 Knees

Brett song ever

28 Monster Under My Bed
29 Shining Star
30 (Not) the One

This song has the melody on point, vocal chops in the drop are also amazing.

31 Comeback Kids
32 Sink or Swim
33 That's It
34 That's It
35 Grace

This song is so beautiful! Love you Bebe!

36 Comfortable
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1. Hey Mama
2. Pray
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1. Steady
2. I Got You
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1. Take Me Home
2. I Got You
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