Efes Pilsen


I used to have a girl issue and I was about to lose my grip but efes xtra saved my mental abilities. after all, I realised that efes is my constant darling and whatever happens she will always be with me. its really nice to know she is sleeping in your veins.

summary: don't go rebel against divine, just pray for more efes.

three men go to bar. german wants a budwiser, american wants a miller, and turk wants a coke. they asked turk, why did he want a coke. he said that "no one is drinking a beer than I want to join the group." nothing is beer except efes

Awesome! Efes Pilsen tastes very good on draft and probably one of the highest quality beer can I have ever seen. What a shame though, I am trying to find it now in US, but no luck.

If you like good Pilsner then this is the beer for you! Have it cold, and have it often. Turkish beer quality is always good, from your first beer to the last beer. I also find that this beer does not give me indigestion which I get from other Pilsner like beers. Enjoy and share.

I first drank this fantastic beer in Turkey back in 1982. I loved the fact that it's alcohol content was not controlled. You have one beer that was like water and another that after that would knock you on your posterior. It was great.

It is sad to see the best beer brand at 2nd place. It obviously deserves the first place. There is only one probability not to like Efes Pilsen, and it's simple, "You never tasted it before", wink.

they don't make just a beer, they make a beer culture since 1969. I saw a lot of american and european person that think the best beer creator is our company but when this people taste efes they love it. you should taste it. :)

I am not a beer expert but I know what I like.
don't think, drink and enjoy.
trust it.
it will make you feel good.
efes is just for real drinkers.

Beer is under this cap... Crown cap... Try once and you will miss it. Turkey brand and you can find it all Europe if you really look for. Or it would be better to try it in Somewhere in Turkey.

I tried all of beers but there is no like efes pilsen ;) I really appreciate this product. efes pilsen is more than a beer. you must drink it cold :))

The best beer I have ever tasted. Very smooth, you can drink Efes all day long! The best beer in the world in my opinion.

One of the best beers in the world... Smooth, tastes like what a beer must be. Also priced just right. I think it is one of the best a man can enjoy!

briiliant taste, I love it, if you taste you can't prefer another beer easily, Thirsting of life" - it is true after you taste it!

more tasty=) and no likeness: )) specially when its cold=)i think whole world must try it=)

It is one of the best among pilsener type of beers...
I strongly recommend you to try if you haven't done yet.

Best tasting beer out there and so refreshing on a hot day a ice cold efes on a hot day in Turkey it heaven

the best beer ever. its must be the turkish miracle. if you taste you can't prefer another beer easily

"Thirsting of life" - it is true after you taste it!
it's the best beer for funny times. drink it and love life ;)

Efes is the best beer all over the world, trusts me! When you drink it, you feel like above the clouds!

it's like a jump from the hot sands to the cool water. if jesus drank this beer, he never drank wine.

Try once and you will love it, you feel it when you drink it and after 3 beers you will slowly get buzz

best beer in the world which ill drink until I die.
I drink it yeah love it, probably the best beer

it is awesome and high quality brand. I really love it man! If you want to taste a real beer then you should try efes pilsen.

The best beer ever. it must be the turkish miracle if you taste you can't prefer another beer easily

Just one word "amazing"one of the best beers on the planet. Fantastic taste.