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221 Phoenix

This is one of the best beer in the world - Elgato

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222 Tusker Malt Lager
223 Tyskie

This low...words fail me, kick ass stuff!
Poles should be proud, because this is better then budweiser, corona, fosters, carling, heineken, kronenbourg, carlsberg and tuborg. Tyskie Lager is the best beer in the world, especially after a hard days graft. So refreshing from both the can or the bottle. It will grow ever bigger in the UK, Poland, Thailand, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, South Africa, USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Colombia etc...

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224 Tuborg Strong

My favorite beer, I can drink whole day, great taste

225 Schlitz

I'm from Milwaukee, and although I no longer live there, Schlitz is still the beer that takes me back to Milwaukee and my youth. My dad drank it, and as a young boy, he let me have a little from time to time. Although Schlitz had it's problems and was out of business for years, they re-opened in 2008, produced by Pabst Brewing Co, and they have recreated the original brew. It's awesome. It's what beer should taste like, and takes me back to the good times, when life was simpler. Schlitz was "Milwaukee's Finest Beer", and it's back again. It's my utmost favorite Pilsner beer. The only drawback, is that it's hard to get outside of Wisconsin.

226 Genesee Cream Ale

If you like a cream ale, you will enjoy this one.

227 Black Label Supreme 8%

I love this beer reasonably priced and a good beer

228 Argus
229 Polar

It's a great beer.. And it's Solera edition is really a good one.. Soft and tasty at the same time..

I drank Polar in my visit to Venezuela some years ago. My personal opinion is their beer is excellent I prefer "Polarcita" among all the flavors and second "Solera Verde". A must drink beer!

Amazing Pilsen beer. Specially wye primium one (Solera). It's refreshing and can be drunk the whole day and every season.

230 Bedele Special

It is masculine and a true man beer, when you drink it, you feel that you get recognized for being a responsible man.
It is not some colorful water. It is a real beer

231 Shipyard Prelude
232 Phillips Brewing Company

I have to say I really feel sorry for everyone on here that made all those nominations because I have tried most of those beers more than once. Without any doubt whatsoever the monks would be having wet dreams over Phillips Brewery's Amnesiac not to mention Hoperation Tripel Cross. You have not had real beer until you have tried a Phillips.

233 Moonberg Premium

In a class of its own, right at the very top. I believe Ugandan beer (brewed according to German Purity Law of 1516) is definitely the BEST EVER! Close second has to be Heineken. Moonberg is so Smooth yet retains that tingly palate presence to engage not just your taste buds, but all five senses and your imagination at the same time. Great!

234 Waikato Draught

Nice malty taste and made in NZ. Need I say more "Clean and Green NZ"

235 Sandpiper
236 Tennents
237 Zagorka

The best Bulgarian beer. Smooth taste similar to Efes Pilsner. Very good beer at a small price. Too bad I wasn't able to find it elsewhere except in Bulgaria.

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238 Alaskan Amber
239 Moose Drool

Great flavor overall, with lots of taste. It's NOT that watered down stuff they call beer, which seems to be so popular these days. Moose Drool reminds me of the beers they sold in the 1960's when beer still had flavor. It's one of the top brands on my list of favorites, but kind of hard to find.

240 Dead Guy Ale
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