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281 Coors Banquet

Great American BEER, Smooth, refreshing, a true American classic everybody should give a try AWESOME!

Excellent taste, perfect for summer time

Still the best beer. Labatt Blue is the only beer in the same league.

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282 Herman Joseph's Private Reserve

Awesome! Bold yet smooth great taste, HOPS and aroma just great. To bad it is not available in my area. Has it in Denver, CO

283 Hamal Beer
284 Carta Blanca
285 Mavericks Amber Ale
286 Herzog
287 Kingfisher Ultra
288 Pratorosso
289 Lone Star Beer

It's a Texas thing for sure, but I love it. Cheapest full body beer I've found anywhere

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290 Lion Red
291 Laurentina

You just have to taste it so you can feel it

292 Fat Yak

Amazing beer, if you haven't had it you haven't lived

Knock you on your ass beer

293 Old Milwaukee Light
294 Schneider Weisse
295 Lowenbrau Dark

This is by far one of Germanys best beers ever. If I could I would drink this great tasting beer 24/7/365 plus days, its just that damn good. Drink up U.S.A.!

296 Club Colombia
297 Dead Elephant Ale V 1 Comment
298 Sweetwater
299 Sagres V 1 Comment
300 Turks Head
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