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301 Turks Head
302 Indio
303 UB Export

Beats all the other brews in my reckoning. Another from mr mallya's stables, outstanding. Truly for the "good times" like upendra said in the advert "Yella ok cool drink yaake".. (lit trans) everything ok but cool drink why..

304 Baladin
305 Kilikia
306 Birra Peja V 1 Comment
307 Sigtuna Midvinterblot

Starts selling around chrismast time in Sweden. Dark, strong in alcohol and rich in flavour. Would love one in the summer too

308 Safari Lager

A beer from tanzania

309 Rainier
310 Poor House 30 Hop IPA

Best IPA I've ever had. They put 30 varieties of hops in this IPA and it is a hop explosion in your mouth!

311 Beck's Vier

Not very gassy, nice taste, refreshing and doesn't give you a headache. his German beer is really really nice!

312 Leo

A refreshing Thai beer.

313 Stiegl

Awesome tasting Austrian beer! Like it way more than bud or heineken

The best beer? That's simple!
Austrian stiegl beer is the very best.

314 Keystone Ice

My favorite, tastes good, 5.9 and is priced right.

315 Pliny the Elder
316 Chinar 3000

Awesome. !
Fully desi Indian taste...

317 Brooklyn Lager

Awesome craft beer from Brooklyn, NY. Tastes like an angel crying on your tongue

318 Flying Dog
319 Nepal Ice

One of the few beers from Nepal that has the most smooth taste and gives you the best kick of beer. The tipsiness that one likes from gulping beers... Then Nepal Ice is a must try. (Y)

This Beer Is From Small Country Nepal Most Papular Beer In Nepal This Beer Was Awarded in B. S 2070.

320 Brains SA

True Welsh beer, the locals nickname it 'Skull attack' for a reason!

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