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41 Cigar City

Great beers Great selection

42 Marstons

If you ever get to England and can get a pint of Martsons Pedigree in a pub do it.

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No doubt the best brew on the planet! Should be exported instead of that Fosters garbage. For people to vote Bud as #1 is an absolute joke! They know nothing about beer and have no taste. You could drink 3 gallons and still not get a buzz.

Been drinking this from the day I turned 18, and will be till the day I die!
I agree, bud is no good, you get a bad hangover from it because they add formaldehyde to speed up the process so they can sell it quicker.

Can't understand why Australia best beer not on list whats wrong

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44 Stone India Pale Ale

My favorite beer. The crisp, hoppy flavor hasn't been matched by the many microbreweries that have spung up over the past 15 years. They all owe Stone a huge debt of gratitude, for turning the world on to the strong ale. Always will be #1 in my opinion.

Stone is by far my favorite brewery. I have to drive over 100 miles for this IPA, but I do it willingly.

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45 Leffe

Tried this recently, and my word, this is the best beer I've ever tried, how is this at #49!?!?

From abbey of leffe in belgium, second best after la chouffe.

It's good enough to suggestions.

Blonde is my favorite

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46 Sarajevsko Pivo

This is not a beer,
this is The Beer.
Long lasting taste, smooth, very clear. One of the best lager beer
ever made.

I have tried many many beers, but Sarajevsko is something special, especially Sarajevsko Premium Beer with thermal cover so you can literally see (letter M in word premium is glowing red on right temperature) when it's cool to drink.

The best taste, the best beer.. I have tried many and that is the best

Simple the best!

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47 Kerwin
48 Magic Hat #9

Sublimely smooth with a taste that is refreshing and truly enjoyable. Not overly sweet like many fruit beers, but the subtle taste of apricots goes perfectly with a summer day

49 Victory Ale
50 Natural Ice

Strong, cheap. Enough said.

51 Oland Schooner Lager

Best beer in the world, and I am serious on this one, the beer is made in Nova Scotia, Canada and is only available in certain places, down here everybuddy drinks schooner lager because of it's extremely rarely good (not too sweet, not too sour) aftertaste and it's smooth feeling when downing it, this beer sure is my everyday beer and always be. I never been out of the province in my life because schooner lager, keeps me here!

52 Russian River
53 Shock Top Belgian Wheat

I could drink this beer all day and night the way the brewed this was ingenious, even give you directions on how to poor the beer in your glass to enjoy it more. Light and smooth with a little thickness but not over powering

Great beer glad I picked some up couldn't be more pleased.

I love this beer

54 Breckenridge Brewery Lucky U IPA
55 ┼╗ywiec

Nr 1 polish beer

best beer

It's a good beer, but lots of competition for IT in tyskie, lech, zubr etc

56 Victoria Bitter

I lived in Melbourne Australia in 2001 and this one is my favorite - gaminitopten

VB is the Very Best beer. Refreshing with just enough of a bitter after-taste to make it memorable. But drink it cold!

World class beer try it yourself for hairy chested men and women


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57 Hobgoblin

A good strong beer, with plenty of flavor, I also love the brand image. Its obvious that the top 3 beers are were they are due to great marketing, Budweiser is a flavorless, tasteless and cheap beer, any real beer lovers, and I'm not talking about alcoholics, know that the top ten are certainly not the best on the market, just the most marketed, try a hobgoblin you wont regret it!

Excellent beer, Uniquely blended, great taste and definitely in my top ten.

58 Founders

Best in the swm.

59 Pabst Blue Ribbon

Just a good old fashion American beer. It's what you drink when you want your beer to taste like beer! There's a reason a lot of people from our greatest generation drank Pabst, because great people know great beer!

it does have the first place blue ribbon right in its name

Original American beer YUM I love it and drink it while I'm at the ranch! First beer I ever had! Good stuff

My first beer and still my favorite. I am so happy when I find it on tap. Bottle is better than can in my flavor opinion.

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60 Duvel

Drink 1 for 5 days and you'll hardly ever drink anything else ever again.
That's the truth about Duvel.

Please, not simillar as a Stella! It's the perfect belgian blond Ale, well balanced, with force & charachter. The one.

I think this is the best beer there is. Smooth, but hearty. Its not cheap, but it is worth it.

Premium, I bet you only can drink 3,5!

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