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61 Paulaner

Paulaner wheat has to be the best beer I have drank in my life. Most do not know about it. Guess marketing is not there for it yet. Always remember to leave about a 1/2 inch or more in the bottle and swirl to get all the yeast out the bottom. Try not to burp the beer as you pour it out... Just let it poor out slow enough... Then the taste will be there completely.

fantastic beer i'm dutch and I like a real refreshing bitter taste...
absolutely the best beer I've tasted while drinking truckloads of beer for the last three decades!

LOVE This stuff, Can't find it anywhere except for fancy restaurants :(

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62 Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Is it drinkable? With such a name maybe a kind of fat and disgusting pizza made by big ugly Italian mamma.

Just a pale beer, smooth And light just the way I like it

I like peroni! It reminds me of becks.

Love this men, so smooth while you're drinking though be ready to kick your ass after 3 bottles :-) 4 thumbs up to this Itallian beer...

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63 Bud Light

Bud is the urinal run off of good beer, men's beer like New Castle Brown Ale, Smithwicks or Bass. Why drink piss when you can enjoy beer.

This has to be the dumbest comment that I've ever read. Every beer that you mentioned is absolutely disgusting. - DMacLean15

Bud is just like natty light, its over priced hobo beer... Grow a pair and drink something with some flavor. Don't buy something for its name buy it for the quality and your not gonna find it with Bud

I have diabetes, I don't drink all that much maybe a six pack per year. This beer don't effect my sugar all that much...

Bud tastes so awful. The first time I’ve tried it, I gagged because it tasted so bad - ZeRater

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64 IPA Greene King
65 Dogfish Head Aprihop
66 Kwak
67 Ommegang
68 Weyerbacher
69 Keystone Light

Stay Keystone smooth with the smoothest, crispiest, and most refreshing light beer on the market without spending too much. It's very well worth it.

Only stuff I can drink without puking, plus it makes you smooth like Keith Stone. That guy is a badass

70 Kronenbourg 1664

Wow... The best refreshing beer after BECKs. This French beer has its own style of brewing from the year 1664...

Best beer I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

WAOOOHHH... Just try it Kronenbourg is just fantastic.

*unpopular opinion alert*
This is better than Fosters. So is Stella. - IronSabbathPriest

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71 Blue Moon

Add an orange and this beer is amazing. Draft is better of coarse! But the bottles aren't awful.

The best beer I add a lemon with mine. Sweet taste and great with tequila too. Treat yourself don't cheat yourself

I like to try all kinds of beers, if I don't wanna try something new, Blue Moon is the all-time one

How much cost

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72 Tiger

Its real enjoyment when I feel sad... It's my cute buddy... No one justify this effect... Its amazing feelings... Be a male... Be a dare male tiger...

A big beer from a small country. It has also won more awards (and repeatedly) than just about any beer out there. Budweiser? Meh - Maybe if you can't hold your alcohol.

Very refreshing in a hot Asian country at the end og a working day. Severe ice cold in an iced chilled glass.

Asia has lots of beer, but This is top, It's a taste of heinken And light beer

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73 Erdinger

After enjoying this beer it makes me wonder how "Coors" and "Bud" even made the list. This beer is full of flavor but a little heavy. Love the taste but can't drink more than a few without needing a long nap.

What the hell? It is way too good not to be top 10, nevermind top 100

Erdinger is my all time favourite beer..

This should be number 1!

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74 Chimay

I love this beer. It is a bit too spends for my regular consumption but it's a great treat. Very malty, very full bodied and smooth. The epitome of Belgium abbey ales.

This is the best the world has to offer. Especially Chimay Blue. Thanks Belgium!

Just try it and see you wont look back

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75 Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

Great taste. Nice hop finish. One of the best beers around.

76 Allagash
77 Anchor Steam Beer

Outstanding beer that started the microbrewery revolution in the US.

Each brew is virtually handmade from an all-malt mash in a handcrafted copper brewhouse.

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78 Newcastle Brown Ale

I grew up on German beer and this is superb substitute. Flavorful, a nice bite and goes wonderfully well with roast beef and cold tomato on cream cheese, green onion and black olives on pumpernickel bread.

All black beer comes from England, Stout, Porter and ale

The first time I bought this, I bought it in a pony keg for about $22 which is the only way I'll even buy it now. so smooth and warms you right up on a cold winter day.

Got eressted two knights on the run of this ale striped of naked and baterd a taxi driver turned me into a zulu warrior I think

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79 Peroni

One of the best Italian beers. Tried it in Rome. Very different and easy to drink

Big laugh, Italy making beer, they are just able to make something they call pizza, where here in US we know what's a real pizza and what's a real beer.
At least some country from North of Europe: Belgium, Germany, UK, Netherlands, France... But Italian they are too much lazy for even thinking about.

Easy to drink beer. Tried it in Naples. Love it.

Peroni beer was rewarded in 2001 with the Gold Medal of the American Tasting Institute.
Please go ahed and talk with yours blah blah blah...WHATEVER!

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80 Bintang

It's not only in Bali, you can also find it in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.

It is only in Bali I know but it tastes so good! - cronaldorockz

People just know about bali. Well, bali is a part of Indonesia. You can find bintang beers at nearby stores in every cities in Indonesia

The only beer taste best in Indonesia

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