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81 Warsteiner Premium Beer

this beer is under rated its the only beer I drink hail to the germans!

There isn't really a bad beer made in Germany. I've spent the last 50 years traveling back to Germany, and tried them all.

This is my favorite beer and tast is soft and good finish. I called this beer "QUEEN OF BEER". Try to drink the beer. Ji from KOR.

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82 Miller Genuine Draft (MGD)

Really good beer. Nothing fancy in its flavor, but its smooth with a good taste. Banana throwing rocketship (it wouldn't let me post till I wrote that).

After taking this beer I just felt relaxed and cool in the pub and in the morning I felt sober no matter that I had taken seven bottles and from then it dawned my quench for the beer. It sealed the fate

Just like it the only beer I drink

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83 Busch

You wouldn't understand anyway

Bush is the greatest beer out there!

84 Westvleteren

Best beer in the world. Just too bad it's hardly available as the monks make just enough as needed to finance their abbey.

This list is bad, because this is not top 5!

I've been to the brewery and came home with 12 bottles of #12. It's great! E.

85 Moosehead

If you have never tried moosehead you have never had joy in your life. Don't talk about the taste of Bud if you have never tasted moosehead. Most of you Americans have never tasted a real moose because you get watered down garbage beer in the U.S. come to Canada for real beer and taste the tears of god.

Lifetime Budweiser drinker then a friend introduced me to moosehead. My friend and I have talked 3 stores into stoking it and now they have rows of it. Definitely should be further up the list!

Moosehead Light is head and shoulders over Bud Light. I agree with the poster before me, the Moosehead they sell in the States is not the same as Moosehead in Canada.

Number 1 in the world

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86 Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell is a wonderful beer. It is great as an aperatif, but it also goes well with light dishes. Truly, the czechs and the Germans produce the finest pilsners. - papasha408

Something very wrong happened with beer distribution in the US about 10 years ago...bars that carried Pilsner Urquell stopped and substituted then thin-as-water Stella Artois as a replacement. A great beer was pushed aside by the marketing and distribution of crud. Pilsner Urquell is a great, full flavored Pilsner that goes with about anything or just by itself.

Pilsner Urquell has really a great taste. Czech, German and belgian beers are really the best

The only people who don't think this is the epitome of beer perfection are people who haven't tried it. There is seriously nothing better.

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87 Corona

The best ever. ALL TIME BEST BEER.

88 Wild Blue

When I first tasted this beer I thought I was blueberry juice almost. 8% alcohol but one of the smoothest beers I've had the pleasure of drinking. Seriously a must try if you haven't. But don't kid yourself a personal 6 pack of this is all you need

89 Kilkenny

nice beer

90 Harp Lager

Just a great lager

91 Ballast Point
92 Cuvana
93 Mythos

Best beer I've ever tasted! Very hard to get in the U. K unfortunatly, but I just found some in the supermarket! YES, should be number one!

Just the holiday beer you need, try it

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94 Labatt Blue

Labatt Blue, hands down, is the best tasting, smoothest, strongest, Canadian beer on the market! Once you taste it, you won't want any other beer!

Tasty delicious blue. As cold as I can get it without freezing, that's how I like it. I've tried them all, but. I'll bbq with blue every chance I can. Bleu #1, bud, becks,2+3...

Stronger than normal. Smoother than normal. mmm

Could be the best all around beer out there, Labatt Blue Lite is also great.. my Number # 1 go to beer

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95 Michelob

This a great beer that has been the victim of AB's marketing department trying to keep up with changing consumer demand. They made it too light and have changed it repeatedly to try and get it right. Go back to the original style from 1896.

Lets see more of this refreshing lager! Especially in aluminium bottles

Ultra is really smooth, very little sting. I'm a light drinker and after drinking it a couple of days no hangovee feeling but its kinda tasting like water

Michelob lager has always been a GREAT beer. Miss the original bottle. Great tasting beer. Never mind the mich ultra crap unless you like drinking carbonated water. Too much PR and advertising for the ultra. If you are going to drink beer, just drink beer, for get the ultra hype. The mich lite is ok in a pinch, but stick with the premium original.
After all, weekends WERE made for michelob, ESPECIALLY the AMBER BOCK!

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96 Murphy's

The best dry stout you can buy in a Utah grocery store. Taste of chocolate and coffee dry finish
Nitro ball works so much better in this than Guinness thickest most creamy head I've ever seen
It's like its topped with whipped cream. A little watery but still lots of flavor. Decent beer. Try it

I prefer Murphy's to Guinness better taste cheaper and come on Guinness isn't really as Irish as you think because Arthur Guinness was a protesant and was a pro brit he hated catholics and helped the brits in the 17 century during the uprising Murphy's wins all the time

Murphys is Great irish beer and greatest stout in the world. That truth was from long time ago to now the right.

97 Tooheys

This is a great Australian beer tops al other aus beer accept coopers

Love tooheys old dark ale! best beer I had in Australia!

This beer is crap

98 Grolsch

Superb beer, specially the glass bottle with the iron bottle opener, a very expensive beer here in Israel around 5 us dollars, but taste great, feel fancy, regular amout of alcohol and soda, I wish we can find it more here in more reasonable price, I Egypt I was cheap, the labatt blue and all canadian beer is very good and the Miller genuine draft also.

One of the best beers in the world. Better than Heineken in my opinion.

Definitely like this beer over all other European beers.

Best beer I drank so far. - haifisch

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99 FIX Hellas

Nicest I've ever tasted shame lager ain't in the same league in the uk

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100 Killian's Irish Red

this beer should be in the top ten. its delicious.

This my new favorite beer it's the bees knees and I would definitely buy another case of it

I've been drinking this beer for a while now. It's awesome. Hard to find on tap though where I'm living.

One of if not the best tasting beer I've had

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