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121 King Cobra

Best drink in the world, always drink it with a smile in my face. It is the best thing to have on a hot summer day while hanging out in the sun

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122 Medalla

I just got home from Puerto Rico yesterday. I had one of these, and was hooked. The first thing I did when I got home was try to find it somewhere near my house! DELICIOUS!

Nothing compares to slamming back an ice cold Medalla Light in the middle of a hot and humid island day.

I'm planning on moving to Texas soon and this beer is one of the few things I will miss about Puerto Rico. Light, refreshing, good taste that is not overbearing and does not leave any nasty aftertaste. Great bear to drink on a hot sunny day.

Truly a poor example of beer. Headache for sure.

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123 Busch Light

this is the most amazing beer i have ever had. me and my sugardaddy will be drinking it til i die

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124 Miller Genuine Draft Light (MGD Light)

Why is this ranked so LOW?!?!? Satisfying and a smooth finish; it doesn't claim to be anything it's not. SERIOUSLY! Worse that KING COBRA?!?!?

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125 Carling

The best balance of taste and refreshment anywhere in the world

you know who your real friends are. the ones drink carling!

This is English beer, I wanna have this when I'm older.

The worst beer ever brewed. Drunk by the ignorant. - Myke1

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126 Coopers

An American beer, the best in the world? Don't make me laugh!

Coopers Sparkling Ale is unsurpassed. The Coopers Vintage can be cellared

I lived in Australia from 88 to 90 and the beers to drink were VB, Boags, Red Back and Tooheys Old. Swan, Fosters and X sucks but Australia�s best beer is COOPERS!

127 Budweiser Budvar

Should be 1! Not 101! Come on guys this is the REAL budweiser!

Definitely one of THE best beers in the world

Many people who came here to vote the ORIGINAL budweiser voted the number 1 american budweiser and this is why it came 1rst. three at least, this is the real Budweiser. - Myke1

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128 Sapporo

One night, I was having a graduation dinner from AIT with some friends, and a close friend of mine asked me to try this beer. He knew that I didn't like beer, but this was the first beer I ever actually liked. Now, I actually like beer. It's hard to find though. I can get it at sushi restaurants, but can't find it at liquor stores to buy.

Best beer ever, I'm so happy it's sold in bottles now. It's just to bad you can't find it everywhere.

This was one of the best Beers I have ever had in my life. Surprised its not on the list. -

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129 Soproni

I am an Australian, I lived in Hungary for 11 months and I fell in love with Soproni. I am not a huge beer drinker normally, but the drinkability of Soproni is ace. It is smooth and refreshing, and if anyone knows a good import website I would love to get some imported!

Soproni, I am Irish and living in Hungary, this is a magic larger and fit for a king... Should be in the top 20
The texture is light but there is a silent killer after 5 or 6 that will catch up on you. But the best thing its natural so mostly there is never a hangover the next day

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130 Tecate

Whether you like the Blanca or Roja, this beer has it all. It has a bold taste but at the same time it has a gentle feel when it runs down your throat. This fine Mexican beer is my personal favorite. If you want to have a nice evening with your friends drink the Blanca or the Roja and if you want something a bit stronger try the Titanium. - AndresMaximus7

Way better than Corona. There is nothing like Tecate for the summer heat. I've tried a lot of beer brands in my life and this one is on my top 3 for sure.

This is an all around beer great taste and goes with anything you can eat with a beer, top it off with lime or lemon juice and sea salt... Savor!
In store near you

Best Summer Beer Ever, Try one and you will never ask for a corona again

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131 Orval

when you really aquire taste, than you understand why this is the best! It has layers of different tastes. The differnce in taste between a recent bottled Orval and an older one is bigger than in any other beer...
This is what they mean when they say quality

The best beer in Belgium made by monks!!! Try it! No headake, strong, well a real pleasure...

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132 Iron City
133 Fat Tire

The Fat Tire recipe originates from a co-founder's bicycle trip through Belgium from brewery to brewery. As of 2010, it was the third-largest craft brewery and seventh-largest overall brewery in the United States. Try it! One of the best beers ever!

I like it above all others. If you are a bud light drinker, you are not in the same category as this beer. You won't like it because it is not over-carbonated and brewed with rice. Fat Tire Amber contains no adjuncts.

I had this beer in a Irish pub in Minneapolis, very surprised at the quality, excellent

Great brew. Can't believe it's so low. A lot of nasty crap above it on this list. - THC13

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134 Saku Originaal

This beer is amazing, it tastes perfect, by far the best beer out there, I recommend it to anyone, it tastes amazing and it has the perfect taste, if your a first time beer drinker you should definitely pick this beer because it is so good, it has a great taste, tell me how it tastes when you try it

135 Strongbow
136 Lucky Lager
137 Mickey's

Hands down the smoothest and best tasting malt liquor out there.

Mickeys is my favorite. It tastes great, it's strong in alcohol, and the hangover isn't as bad as a lot of other beers.

138 Smithwicks

Smooth and delicious! Irish import. - MrDeadman

Nice strong taste, not too bubbly and smooth going down your throat

The best Irish import. Very tasty and smooth.

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139 Forst

If more people knew about this great Northern Italian beer, it would be rated in your top 5 beers. Best beer I have ever tasted!

140 Labatt Blue Light

On a hot day nothing's refreshing like a couple bottles of these babies after they've been chilling in the ice bucket. - soy10ley

My favorite light beer no bitter after taste. Just pure clean and crisp. Served the colder the better.

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