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141 Tennants Lager

Tastes of home, The greatest nation on earth. Its also cheap which is a plus. Much better draught

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142 211 Steel Reserve

this beer is without a doubt the best thing for an alcoholic

143 Carlton Draught

On tap the greatest beer ever and I have lived all around the world!

Decided I should try beer while studying abroad in Oz. I stumbled upon the best first. Nothing has lived up to it since. I love it with lime cordial.

Great beer and its always great to get Back to OZ to get some, grew up on it and it's still the best going around

U don't Mess Wtih Carlton Draught

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144 Bitburger Premium Beer

An exceptionally balanced beer that beer lovers should try. Definitely one of Germany's brewing masterpieces. Light, smooth, plenty of flavor, and not overpowering.

Love it I live in the city where it is made and drink it for four year from 1980 to1984

145 Hofbrau
146 Staropramen Pils
147 Bell's Oberon

Bell's oberon is to beer in michigain what lake michigan is to lake's in michigan!

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148 33

Just ask for it, drink a can and it will be located in ur mind, forever.

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149 Baltica #7

It is sweet and sour and bitter... kind all at the same time. It leaves very pleasant aftertaste. - Kuzma

150 Heineken Light V 1 Comment
151 New Glaras Spotted Cow

Now I'm from Wisconsin which means I know a good beer when I taste one. This is definitely the best. It's made from a small brewery outside Madison and it is amazing.

152 Boddington

amazingly smooth yet creamy at the same time.

153 Jelen V 1 Comment
154 Kona Fire Rock Ale

Why this is not even on the list, I don't know why, handcrafted in HAWAII on the isle Of Kona it's the best there is.

155 Hunters Extra Dry

Its not even a beer

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156 Natural Light

Natie treats me right every time I purchase it. Its the best tasting cheap beer you can buy. -experienced beer drinker

Extremely cheap and brings out the bro side in you.

Best beer ever... Simply put

Smooth light beer drink several at one setting
and no hang over

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157 Laitilan Kukko
158 LandShark Lager
159 James Squire Porter

Yes, a very good drop!

160 Brava
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