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161 Bell's Amber
162 Modelo Especial

One of the finest lager beer not only in Mexico, but in the world, along with Corona Beer is now know around the globe.

Excellent beer, but I wish they would get rid of the stupid foil on each bottle. Very smooth drink with good flavor.

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163 Presidente V 2 Comments
164 Skopsko

Although a typical local beer, it is much better than the American piss we have here.

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165 Pacifico

Corona has all of the hype but Pacifico is just as good, if not better.

Perfect for the summer, perfect for a good meal with seafood, perfect with lima juice, salt and Chile (Michelada)... well what can I say, Pacifico is one of the best Mexican beers.

166 Boulder Beer's Singletrack Copper Ale

Great beer, Boulder Beer is a great micro brewery, give it a try!

167 Summit Brewing Company
168 Maclays
169 James Ready

Love this Stuff! Guys lets vote it to the top. Vote now try later and trust me it's the best you will ever taste!

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170 Knock Out
171 Indian Desi Daaru
172 Spendrups
173 Wurnesgruner Pils
174 Negra Modelo

I'm glad it is not too popular. Only for dark beer lovers.

One of the better dark beers I've tried... Goes well with any mood you're in!

175 Russian River Pliny the Elder

I can still taste the awesomeness of this beer, and I haven't had one in over a month. Good luck finding one though!

Hands down King. Bud is not even in the same ball park. How did some of these even make it here. So sad.

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176 Laško

Is the best beer in Slovenia... You must try it if you came in Slovenia!

This is Slovenian beer and is the best. Every Slovenian thing is the best!

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177 Genesee

Good stuff for the money

Genny is a great drinkable ale. Full flavor and smooth. Very delicious.

178 Birra Peja Pilsner

One of balkan's best beer

179 Red Stripe

I agree. This beer should be in the top 20! Can't believe I had to go past 200 to find it. Awesome beer. The light and flavoured varieties are especially popular among the ladies in Jamaica. Refreshing!

How can this beer not be in the top twenty(20). The taste buds of the "tasters " leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Best beer from the caribbean!

180 Kanterbräu
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