Top 10 Best Carrie Underwood Songs

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1 Before He Cheats Before He Cheats Cover Art

Best song ever it teaches girls to stick up for themselves. It also teaches guys not to cheat or their car is going to get ruined. What more should I say. Go girls.

This is one of those songs I sing at the top of my lungs... It's all about girl power and not taking any crap from any guy.

I love this song. It gives guys a little piece of a girls mind and tells them what we're capable of. Watch out guys

It rubs my crush scars raw, but in a good way. I put my guard up now, and this song describes how I feel about jerks.

2 Blown Away Blown Away Cover Art

I love this song. It's the best Carrie song ever and it really deserves to be higher than number 14. Its definitely a hit or rather a song to remember

This is her best one to date. The meaning behind the vocals and beat is so powerful and depressing. This is a song I will be listening to 20 years from now.

I love this song! Her voice is so full and out loud! I think this song should be 1 or two! She is so beautiful... I hope she keeps singing!

Her best effort, together with Some Hearts and Jesus, Take The Wheel. From all of them, the best beat. (She looks very good in the video too! ).

3 Cowboy Casanova Cowboy Casanova Cover Art

Such a great song, the funky rock setting mixed with country vocals creates a one of a kind song

IT has a nice beat and cool lyrics one of the first ones I ever heard by carrie bravo

First song I ever heard by her and best song I ever heard by her. BRAVO!

This song makes me wanna dance and sing at the top of my lungs! SO GOOD!

4 Jesus, Take the Wheel Jesus, Take the Wheel Cover Art

I don't know why, but this one always calms me down when I’m so stressed. Her voice goes SO well with the melody, the lyrics, and it’s just amazing!

Amazing song! Totally love it! The lyrics are really inspirational and this song really tells us that miracles do happen... We just gotta believe.

The song is really touching and meaningful. This is where carrie's voice capabilities can turn into a fabulous work!

This in particular song is my favorite because it is Christian and I like that about her.

5 Good Girl Good Girl Cover Art

This is a new song from Carrie, but I still love it. I've seen the video and I love it too. I keep getting this song stuck in my head and I really like this song. I love the rhythm and it's country beat with some pop.

This is really a good song can't stpo listening to it best of luck carrie underwood

I love the move she makes when she sings this song

Wish I could vote it for a, million times

6 Undo It Undo It Cover Art

This song is so powerful. I know all the songs that Carrie sings are very powerful, but this song in particular, just blows me away... Should have been higher in the list.

I love this song! So cathcy and so powerful, it helped get over my ass ex. in my opinion, it deserves a higher rank

Gets stuck in my head but I like it I can jam to it all day long

I love this song it rocks

7 Just a Dream Just a Dream Cover Art

Oh thank god this is the most wonderful song a girl could ever sing it's its just great it's wonderful I love it. I think this is so far my favorite Carrie underwood song this one or inside your heaven. I think I like this one a teeny bit more but not by much. Carrie made up good words that rhyme and describes things that are happening In the song, & she even has a fantastic great voice high or low. This song is very sweat, calm beautiful and romantic with great music that's high or low. I love how Carrie makes her voice loud, or soft especially if it's high loud it lasts long about 15 seconds.

It's one of my personal favourites from Carrie. It lets all the military families connect to the powerful lyrics letting them know there not alone. Years and years of countless tours just siting there waiting. To know weather or not your loved one will come home alive. Just siting there waiting for that knock at the door delivering that letter no family wants to see let alone read aloud. Just a dream delivers powerful vocals but an even stronger message. To all fighting and those families at home waiting, just always know that you are NOT alone.

I love this song now how could this be the 3rd best song by Carrie underwood this should be the 1st best. This song is just so good carrie is just the most amazing hottest singer there is I just can't say how good she is at this song she's halariously Awesome. This song makes me feel like I'm in a loving sleeping heaven place.

This song makes me cry every time I hear it because it is so beautiful and it makes me think about my boyfriend and if he will ever let me go. By the way carrie is my idol and she is very talented!

8 Two Black Cadillacs Two Black Cadillacs Cover Art

When I first heard this song. I fell for it like fast! It has great message to it and not only that it has that "dark" vibe to it. When there is something dark and powerful it draws me! Also, yeah it talks about revenge on a cheating husband and some of you can relate to that. I can relate. I've gone through it cause of my father! He cheated on my mom. But, this song is my thearpy to get that anger out on my dad. Laugh out loud... Moral of the story is don't cheat!

Great song. The lyrics are so evil and I laugh every time I listen to it. I was shocked when I didn't see this in the top ten. I'd say this song should at least be in the top five. The lyrics, sound, beat, everything are amazing. Even my bestie, who hates anything country with a passion, likes Carrie Underwood. She and this song rock!

This song is really good. It took me a while to realize what it was about. It was a really awkward day to me... Laugh out loud! (: Gotta love Carrie Underwood!

This is her new song and it deserves top spot its fantastic and epic music video!

9 Last Name Last Name Cover Art

I love this song

Really love this song, there's just something that draws me towards this song, something powerful and strong and something slightly dark

10 Something in the Water Something in the Water Cover Art

Carrie Underwood is such an admirable person. Even with her fame she still stays true to herself and she doesn't let all the money and fame get in her way of her relationship with God. This song is so amazing, her talent shines through clearly and it tells an incredible testimony and story of how her life has been impacted by Gods love. This song should definitely be #1. I am in tears every single time I have heard this song! God bless you Carrie and keep doing what you do!

This song is so great! It has such a great meaning. Her voice is so incredible in this song, brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it.

Both her powerful vocals, the meaningful lyrics, and overall good melody make this her best ballad!

It has a strong Christian value which I admire because I am Christian

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11 Little Toy Guns Little Toy Guns Cover Art

A great story. Never really got appreciated because of the focus on Something in the Water. Beautiful lyrics and vocals. She can SING! Wish this was higher than it is. Different and unique. I will sing it at the top of my lungs. Video is high quality. I just really wished it got the attention it did and still does deserve.

It's such a catchy song with awesome lyrics and a story behind it

What? This should be higher. I absolutely love the chorus

Such a good song beautiful lyrics and voice and unique

12 Temporary Home Temporary Home Cover Art

This song teaches people to not put themselves first. People go through these things every single day when I heard this song I had to just keep on playing it. It is a life lesson to many people and should be higher up because what an impact the things that are in the song have on the world.

This song brought tears to my eyes this song is way better than cowboy Casanova and all of the songs except before he cheats and Jesus take the wheel. This song should at least be third! It's so beautiful and everyone can relate to it!

Temporary home, is one of carries most beautiful songs. I cry each time I listen to it. I lost my mother and sister this year and " Temporary home" is a good reminder for me.
Thanks Carrie

It is a very touching song that has some Christian themes througout. Carrie sings it so emotional, I started tearing up the first time I heard it. This should be higher up on the list.

13 See You Again See You Again Cover Art

This song sometimes makes me cry because it's so vague it can have so many diffrent meanings. Sometimes someone I have not seen in a while. Sometimes someone who has passed. Sometimes a old pet. A old love. Amazing song

This song is my favourite Carrie Underwood song. This song is a taste of heaven!

This is an amazing song! Makes me feel good every time I hear it!

This song made me cry the first time hearing it!

14 Church Bells Church Bells Cover Art

This song makes Carrie Underwood stand out! You go girl!

I think that this one should be WAY higher

Best song ever

15 All-American Girl All-American Girl Cover Art

When I first listened to the song it reminded me of my friends dad, her dad really wanted a boy but got a girl instead...until a few years after when my friend got a baby brother

I Remember when I first watched the Music video all I must say is WOW I was Hooked!

This is a great song!

This song was great for some one like Carrie

My parents love it

16 How Great Thou Art How Great Thou Art Cover Art

L love the song and keep playing it over and over.

This is a great song. this should be number one for sure


Without question,Carrie blows away all of Nashaveille&the world with this rendition with Vince Gill.someone is asleep at the wheel on this one.please

17 So Small So Small Cover Art

We all worry about little things like tests, presentations, something you did that was embarrassing etc. but when something bad happens like someone dying or losing a job, none of those little things matter anymore. We need to not let those little things get to us. I worry a lot. Especially little things. I've been struggling with my anxiety over little things, and when I hear this song, it just speaks to me. When she sings the second verse especially. One part of the second verse that really truly speaks to me is "Time's flyin' by movin' so fast you better make it count 'cause you can't get it back." Y'all, it's true. We waste our time worrying and you know, time is just gonna keep on moving while we worry. We need to not stress over those little things. It's easier said than done. This song should definitely be more popular. It helps a lot of people even if you don't have anxiety. This song is really great.

Carrie is so amazing her voice is so beautiful And So Small Is Defiantly my Most Favourite Song By Her but I love pretty much every song she's ever sang she's one of the best's and in my mind the Queen Of Country Music!

Amazing, very relatable song! Carrie really knows how to take an emotional song like this and turn it into something else. Just look at Jesus Takes The Wheel!

This song is so meaningful. My number 1 carrie underwood song

18 Somethin' Bad Somethin' Bad Cover Art

I love this song! I'm a preteen now, so I often say, with myself and others, got a real good feeling something bad about to happen. I have a bad temper!

19 What Can I Say What Can I Say Cover Art

This is featuring Son of Sylvia and it is quite cool and I think this song is somewhere top 10

A truly beautiful song that I can relate to.

20 I'll Stand By You
21 Some Hearts Some Hearts Cover Art
22 Choctaw County Affair Choctaw County Affair Cover Art
23 Heartbeat Heartbeat Cover Art

It's a really great song one of her best

I love this song so much

I love this song

Amazing voice

24 Whenever You Remember Whenever You Remember Cover Art

This song is great to practice for trying to make a wonderful wicked great song. It's good to start with this song if your planning to make a very good song. But other then that this song is not bad at all.

25 Cupid's Got a Shotgun Cupid's Got a Shotgun Cover Art
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