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21 There's a Place for Us

This is a awesome song it reminds me of a beautiful place for a boy and a girl together like the song a whole new world from Aladdin a place were Aladdin and jasmine are. Could be a place like heaven or a place were no one well tell us no of we're to go like the song a whole new world.

From c of n voyage of dawn treader

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22 Some Hearts

Again, vapid drivel.

23 The Girl You Think I Am
24 Whenever You Remember

This song is great to practice for trying to make a wonderful wicked great song. It's good to start with this song if your planning to make a very good song. But other then that this song is not bad at all.

25 Someday When I Stop Loving You

Country, pop, this is tell you everything in this world wasn't eternity, just like you always move on.

I'm not very into lovey stuff, but this song makes my heart fall apart. I absolutely love it! Carrie is so strong and sweet, she is so great. This song is bueautiful and touching, and that's why I love it!

The most beautiful song by her. Period.

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26 What I Never Knew I Always Wanted
27 Cupid's Got a Shotgun
28 Heartbeat

I hired that nice little cricket choir

It's a really great song one of her best

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29 Wasted

Biggest Carrie Underwood fan and this is my favorite song from her

30 Don't Forget to Remember Me

One of the first Carrie Underwood songs I ever listened to, and it instantly caught my ear. It's so interesting and deep, and with a very powerful message behind it! I was surprised to not find this song already on any list.

Made me tear up. Very touching.

The first time I heard this song, I really cried and the second time too, this song is just so touching =] I love it. Beautiful song

31 Mama's Song

Since my favorite and second favorite songs aren't on this list #1 The night before life goes on. #2 We're young and beautiful. This is my third favorite. I love the overall feel of this song and its just plain nice

This song reminds me of a wonderful friendly family or a good friendly fellowship that treats people good. I feel very well treated every time I listen to this song.

The lyrics of this song are so inspirational and emotional, absolutely amazing and flawless! It should be higher on the list than #22. Are you serious? Just 0.2%?

This is a touching song. I believe it should be up in the top ten somewhere. - songwriter

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32 I'll Stand By You
33 Church Bells V 1 Comment
34 Smoke Break

Love this song should be in the top 10

35 What Can I Say

This is featuring Son of Sylvia and it is quite cool and I think this song is somewhere top 10

A truly beautiful song that I can relate to.

36 Change

So great! Very inspirational.

Best song ever

37 Do You Think About Me

Good heavens! Why does this song have no ratings? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SONG. gives me the feels :') MUST LISTEN. I SAID It's A MUST LISTEN.

38 I Know You Won't

This is a Great Song Carrie's Voice is amazing her Vocal Runs are beyond normal!

This is her most underrated song Just listen to it people!

One of her most underrated songs. However, it shows her perfectly shaped power-house vocals.

39 Crazy Dreams
40 Clock Don't Stop

This song is amazing. It describes how fast time goes by and how its tough to keep up with it. It also has an amazing tune and beat that fit perfectly with eachother!

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