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41 Starts with Goodbye

I think Carrie did a very nice job with this song even though it's not my favorite it's still I just fine song I have no problem with it. Otherwise it does have some good lines in it.

I truly love this song! It should have been in top ten or at least top 15 D:

39? REALLY? It should be on top ten list. YOU SHOULD HEAR THIS SONG!

42 Songs Like This V 1 Comment
43 Wine After Whiskey

Really shows off her vocals. I love this one!

44 Who are You
45 Look at Me

This is an amazing song, which is truly heartfelt from Carrie. I think it is probably one of the best country songs to never be released as a single. It is amazing!

46 Inside Your Heaven

Now why would this be 15 it should be 1. At first I voted for just a dream on the website I'm on now but now I am changing my mind for inside your heaven. This song is wonderful. I don't understand why this person doesn't like this one the best by Carrie underwood I mean there's nothing wrong with that it's just that this is just the best song I can ever imagine a girl like Carrie underwood ever sing. This song is just just just so awesome it is unbeleavible, wonderful I love it.

This song by Carrie underwood is as awesome as it is it's romantic, beautiful and loving. It's a good memory song of anyone who you miss who is in heaven.

Well, not the BEST, but her most successful, reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the only country song since 2000 to do so. - TidalJ

I'm sorry, but the lyrics are laughable at best.

47 This Time
48 Wheels of the World
49 Do You Hear What I Hear

Even though this is a Christmas song it's really romantic and very wonderful. I like it better then most songs by Carrie underwod herself except two wich are above of this one on the list. Carries voice on this song is just wonderful.

50 If I Saved My Heart for You

This song makes me feel like shes giving me love and caring about me and everyone else. She has a sweat kind friendly voice in this song

51 I Ain't In Checotah Anymore V 1 Comment
52 Good in Goodbye

Really Deep song!
Tough song to sing to with out Crying! - Curti2594

So good! Very moving song, very relatable!

53 Lesson Learned

A great song of Carrie Underwood saying that bad things can happen but good things will always come from them.

54 The More Boys I Meet

The title is a wonderful Mark Twain quote with a twist. The tune is so nice! And the guitar. And best of all, it's about typical guys when they're jerks
(Don't worry boys it doesn't put down the nice ones)

55 Quitter
56 Somethin' Bad

I love this song! I'm a preteen now, so I often say, with myself and others, got a real good feeling something bad about to happen. I have a bad temper!

57 Nobody Ever Told You
58 Leave Love Alone
59 Unapologize

I love this song!

60 Like I'll Never Love You Again
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