Scarred For Life: Ben 10 Reboot

This is yet another Scarred For Life where something didn't ruin the series. The Ben 10 Reboot was, well, a reboot of the original Ben 10. It wasn't pretty. But many felt it redeemed itself. Did it? Well, let's see.


The characters were...interesting. Ben is not so bad, being similar to his original self, except he's easily dumber and more annoying. Gwen changed from hating her cousin to trying to help him at any given moment. She's also very stupid. Surprisingly, I didn't think it was that bad. Sure, the arguments they get into don't work anymore, but I really didn't care. Grandpa Max was really hard to take seriously, since he doesn't take anything seriously either. He straight up doesn't care about anything, which actually was hilarious to watch. Vilgax and other villains returned and they were similar in a way to their originals.


One of the things that stick out like a sore thumb in this show is the design and visuals. It looks flimsy and it actually makes me dizzy if I stare at it for a long time. It makes Omniverse look like Mona Lisa. I personally don't hate the new designs. Ben and Gwen were fine, Grandpa Max is also fine, and everyone else looked cool enough, except Stink Fly. Ugh. Also, all the Ben 10 shows perfectly represent the tone of each show with the visuals and this show does exactly that. The design shows that this is a kids show and probably won't take itself seriously. And I have to give it credit to that. Also, the fights still look amazing.


The reasons I loved the original Ben 10 was because it was a blend between comedy and action, but this show focuses on the former and doesn't execute it as well as other Ben 10 shows. Some moments made me chuckle, but most jokes are predictable, boring, and abysmal. A guy proposes to a gal and the guy says "nothing can ruin this perfect day". Something's gonna grab the guy and the gal. And that was exactly what happened. The gag in the 2nd episode where there was a boxing match where Gwen was the coach really didn't work out. The humor is stale and really doesn't work.

My Opinion:

Compared to the other Ben 10 shows, it is absolutely horrible. It made Omniverse look like The Godfather. But, on its own and compared to most kid appeal shows, it's decent and enjoyable on its own right. It doesn't sink to TTG or PPGR level of awful, and it did redeem itself. It still holds a concept of Ben 10 and honestly isn't so bad.

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