Top 10 Ben 10 Villains

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21 Yeti

On the strongest ben 10 character list and its awesome

22 Darkstar

He should be number 1 he can take away any ones life force

Candice killer and pain dark star fun

He is a weakling

23 Future Dr. Animo

Its basically the jared head of the original dr animo an a wight gorillas body

24 Acid Breath
25 Frightwig Frightwig V 1 Comment
26 Eon V 1 Comment
27 Vulkanus V 1 Comment
28 Hex V 1 Comment
29 Zed
30 Zombozo

Candice fear zombozo clown candice killer and pain

V 1 Comment
31 Micheal Morningstar
32 Alpha
33 Sevenseven

It's a ben 10 classic.

34 Rojo
35 Inspector 13 V 1 Comment
36 Dr. Psychobos V 1 Comment
37 Esoterica
38 Ssserpent
39 Alternate Bens

All the alternate bens which include mad Ben, nega Ben. bad Ben and Eon.

Candice I want alternate bens killer candice pain

40 Attea

Despite her appearing bratty and spoilt, she is actually impressively manipulative, and a very agile, adept fighter. She even defeated Spidermonkey on one occasion.

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