Top 10 Ben 10 Villains

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21 Maltruant V 1 Comment
22 Future Dr. Animo

Its basically the jared head of the original dr animo an a wight gorillas body

23 Acid Breath
24 Frightwig Frightwig V 1 Comment
25 Eon V 1 Comment
26 Vulkanus V 1 Comment
27 Hex V 1 Comment
28 Zed
29 Malware

He beat ben. ben only won due to galvan help and somehow miraculously gaining Feedback (who still nearly lost) and he absorbs all types of tech and can become huge like way big size or even greater. plus he absorbs attacks

He's just awesome he ripped an alien out of the omnitrix and he absorbs technology

30 Zombozo

Candice fear zombozo clown candice killer and pain

V 1 Comment
31 Micheal Morningstar
32 Alpha
33 Sevenseven

It's a ben 10 classic.

34 Rojo
35 Inspector 13 V 1 Comment
36 Dr. Psychobos V 1 Comment
37 Esoterica
38 Ssserpent
39 Alternate Bens

All the alternate bens which include mad Ben, nega Ben. bad Ben and Eon.

Candice I want alternate bens killer candice pain

40 Attea

Despite her appearing bratty and spoilt, she is actually impressively manipulative, and a very agile, adept fighter. She even defeated Spidermonkey on one occasion.

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