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Ben 10 is a media franchise that began with a 2005 animated television series and was followed by numerous sequel and reboot series. The series centers on a boy who acquires an alien device that lets him transform into numerous aliens with various powers.
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1 And Then There Were 10 - Ben 10

I love this episode, but it truly should not be number one. It kicks the series off. It was a fun episode to watch.

This is the best episode because this is the episode that Ben gets the Omnitrix.

It was so good

This is when Ben gets the Omnitrix

2 Ben 10,000 - Ben 10

This is when Ben goes to the future to see his future self. Ben 10,000 has a lot of cool aliens.

It has a nice theme of not forgetting yourself, and taking a break to appreciate life

This episode was great. I loved how it was a change from the usual episodes.

An interesting glimpse into a future where Ben is at his zenith

3 Mystery Incorporeal - Galactic Monsters

Great episode that was the first good episode of Galactic Monsters. It was great to see Kevin again. I liked seeing Gwen, but she DID NOT look hot. She had short hair and glasses! I was thrilled to see Darkstar. We haven't seen him since his debut. Charmcaster was great to see, and we saw her a lot more in Galactic Monsters. The most important part of this episode, though was Ghostfreak returning to the regular world.

It was a great episode but Gwen doesn't look as attractive like in Ultimate Alien. Kevin doesn't look the same as well

This a great episode. 1 Everyone loves to see Gwen and Kevin. 2 We loved seeing Darkstar and Charmcaster. 3 Remember that claw that came out of the portal to Legerdomain. That was Ghostfreak!

Why did they change Gwen. She looked so pretty before. The glasses and the short hair and skirt aren't good.

4 Charmed, I'm Sure - Galactic Monsters

A pretty good episode, again from Galactic Monsters, which is my favorite Ben 10 series. It was obvious that Charmcaster was tricking Ben, though. Hobble and Charmcaster were great in this episode. Charmcaster was awesome in that rock suit. I would have liked to see Rad in this episode, though. I'm not a big fan of how Charmcaster ended back up in Legerdomain.

This is when Ben teams up with Charmcaster to defeat Zs'Skar. It is funny because Charmcaster is always talking to her purse.

At the end of the episode it is revealed that Charmcaster was talking to Darkstar and Addwaitya

In this episode Hobble is funny

5 Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10 Part 1 - Ben 10

An epic series finale in which Ben takes on every major villain up to that point. The way he defeats the Forever King is completely unexpected

I can't believe all those villains teamed up to defeat Ben.

This is when Ben fights The Negative 10 which has Clansy, Rojo, Charmcaster, Dr. Animo, and more

Great episode

6 The Transmogrification of Eunice - Ultimate Alien

This episode wasn't that good. Sunder is a good character but Store 23 and Ben 10 vs. The Negative 10 Part 1 are better, though.

This is when Ben, Gwen, and Kevin meet Eunice and fight Sunder.

They don't make Eunice a very good character

7 Grudge Match - Ben 10

Whenever Ben doesn't have his Omnitrix, he has to rely on his resourcefulness. This episode showed that brilliantly.

Kevin wasn't bad either.

Kevin demonstrates creative uses for his powers

8 Something Zombozo This Way Comes - Galactic Monsters

We haven't seen Zombozo since the very first episode of Omniverse. It is good that he is back.

This is when Ben fights Zombozo. It is funny because Ben is afraid of clowns.

I can't believe Zombozo turned everyone into Zombie Clowns.

9 Ghostfreaked Out - Ben 10

"It's one of the top schools in the country!"
"Yeah, for snobs and posers"

10 Kevin 11 - Ben 10

We are introduced to Kevin, Ben's foil and archnemesis for the rest of the series

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11 Catfight - Omniverse

This is when Looma, Ester, Attea all fight over Ben. Rook builds a device to control Ben's transformations. But the others get the device and they turn Ben into Rath, Four Arms, and Bullfrag. This is a funny episode

I can't believe all those girls wanted Ben. Almost all of them were his enemies before. It was fun watching them fight.

Love this one!

Haha Looma Attea Ester and The Cat Girl fought over Ben

12 Hot Stretch - Omniverse

This is when Ben meets Ester. Ester's species wants to make the Earth into a river of lava because they can only live in the heat.

This isn't the best episode but Ester is a good character.

13 And Then There Was Ben - Omniverse

This was a great episode! I wasn't confused at all. I knew what they were talking and was going on about the whole time, but I can see why someone might be confused. The concept of dimensions can be hard to grasp by a lot of people, but it seemed very easy to me.

I guess it was a good episode, but to me it was very confusing.

Sure this was the best episode in ben 10

The best episode in my opinion

14 Framed - Ben 10

An unknown criminal with Ben's powers is framing him for crimes

15 Secret of the Omnitrix - Ben 10

The Omnitrix is accidentally set to self-destruct, so Ben, Gwen, and Tetrax travel across space to track down the Omnitrix's creator, Azmuth

16 Store 23 - Omniverse

I like the names Ben 23 has. He has named Shocksquatch Electriciyeti and he named Spider Monkey Mr. Monkey

This is when Ben travels to dimension 23 and meets Ben 23

Store 23 should at least be higher than Hot Stretch.

Yes! What a great episode this is.

17 A Change of Face - Ben 10

Charmcaster swaps bodies with Gwen

18 Secrets - Ben 10

The awesome season 1 finale

This is so col! Look at that episode that Ben turning into aliens and fighting vilgsx.and tat heatblast's showdown was the best. great

19 Ken 10 - Ben 10

An awesome Boruto style epilogue

Watched this like 100 times as a kid

20 Prisoner 775 Is Missing - Ultimate Alien

This is when an alien prisoner breaks out of prison. In this episode you see Ultimate Wildmutt

Loved this episode because of Rath's funniest moment lol

A very impressive episode. We got to see Ultimate Wildmutt.

This episode is so good. You get to see Ultimate Wildmutt

21 Grounded - Ben 10: Alien Force
22 And Then There Were None - Omniverse

This episode needs no words.

23 The Return - Ben 10
24 Duped - Ultimate Alien
25 Pet Project - Ben 10: Alien Force
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