Best Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Aliens

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1 Ulitmate Swamp Fire

The best alien of ben 10 ever

Swamp fire can shoot plant and fire so I like swampfire

He is Awesome because Blue Fire is Hotter than orange Fire.

Obviously the best alien

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2 Ultimate Echo Echo

He should be in 1st in like him so much

Can fight short and long range, sound waves are the best weapon

He looks awesome and he can use that sonic doom attack

Echo echo can make a very big sound so like him

3 Ultimate Humoroussaur

"Humoroussaur" - 445956

I like him because he is very strong.

It's very strong guy

4 Ulimate Cannonbolt

Because he is awesome in ultimate form
I love cannonbolt and it's abilities

5 Fasttrack
6 Clockwork

Can stop time! should be #1

7 Ultimate Way Big

He should be number 3

8 Swamp Fire

Faster and more agile than his ultimate form and just as powerful.

9 Ultimate Big Chill

Big Chill has ice and ghosting trought walls ultimate big chill has ice and fire.

10 Ultimate Spidermonkey


He is so awesome he's a giantgantic gorilla he is so strong he can cream almost any villain

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11 Chromeastone

"Chromeastone" - 445956

He shoots blasts of magic out of his mouth. The first time I saw him he was using awesome moves he blew up all the bad guys.

He can fly and shoot magic

HE can absorb anything and blastss magic

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12 Terraspin

Terraspin is awesome I think he's the strongest alien of all because he has amazing abilities like flight, aerokinesis, tornadoes, air suction, rappid spinning, enhanced durability and strength, immune to gas and poison, and can change his fingers into sharp claws

13 AmpFibian
14 NRG

He is badass. Why? First of all he shoots radiation and poisons almost anything of his home planet and can defeat most of ben's aliens he is my third favourite alien in general.

15 Waybig
16 Cannonbolt
17 Water Hazard

Totally useless unless going against aliens with fire abilities oppiset of heatblast

18 Armodrillo
19 Eatle
20 Spidermonkey
21 Jet Ray
22 Humoroussaur
23 Cham-Alien
24 Brainstorm

I voteing for him cause it he has Storm in his name and Storm is my first name - toy

25 Rath

Why the hell is Rath so low?! Deserves to be in top 10!

26 Ultimate Rath
27 Ultimate Alien X

Copied the universe to prevent destruction

28 Jury Rigg
29 Ghostfreak

Most powerful alien of all time. He is the best and the only alien that is able to escape th omnitrix. <3 ghostfreak

30 Grey Matter


31 Xenomorph

Totally legit alien he could transform into.

32 Heatblast

He is so awesome he can burn anything

33 Four Arm
34 Wildmutt
35 Ultimate Wildmutt
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