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1 Bendy the Dancing Demon Bendy, occasionally referred to as "the Dancing Demon" is the titular antagonist of TheMeatly Games' indie horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine. He is an inky demon with a wide grin and a thin build, and he wears a bow tie on his chest.

Thing is...He is ador-handsome...but he loves his friends a latte plus I kinda have to agree that he is Gary sue...BUT THAT'S WHY IT MAKES THE GAME COOL! He is powerful...but he is for a reason and I don't blame him...
I honestly blame Joey please don't hate on bendy T^T

Wait wait wait bendy is number one I have so many things to say about that for one I'm happy that bendy's number one he's my favorite character so I'm not trying to this bendy and second of all why is Beast bendy ink bendy and every other version of Bendy lower than bendy because at the end of the day they're all still bendy so why are they separated when they could just be in one slot together that doesn't make any sense and Third of all I thought Sammy was the fan favorite and bendy what's the second most popular character yes send me is an s masked up as he's supposed to be

I love Henry and if anybody hurt his feelings I will go prototype mode and eat your body

Bendy is my favorite because he he is freaking adorable and cute and I feel bad for him because he's always picked on in his cartoons and don't try and go same bendy's the bad guy because last I checked most of the bendy is just minding his own business in the butcher gang stole and robbed the place I don't care if any didn't pay for food because they rob the place so they deserved it and I like ink bendy because he's really creepy and cool and I like his music I like all bendy themes I like him because he likes me Capital One jump-scare the franchise wouldn't exist today would be here because the ink is bendy and being created everybody enjoy your Studios well turn them into people we know today and Beast bendy super super cool I could go on and on I kill only only about his backstory I could go on about him ripping the projection is head off I can go on at all the messages you left on the wall there's so much stuff that is great about the guy that I love will always be favorites ...more

2 Boris the Wolf

Just the most/likely only adorable character in Bendy And The Ink Machine

I love him I especially love his cheeks lol

Cute he is so awesome he reminds me of my dog

He is a really sweat and kind character

3 Henry

Yeah Henry right now I like them but if our suspicions are correct end that bendy with clothes on is Henry in the Revival then Henry has gotten cool not cooler Henry was never cool but he's gotten cooler and who knows maybe Henry will save our lives and dark Revival but if not then Henry was still a Great Character but I'm hoping some at least one suspicion we have a boat bendy in the dark Revival is true because if they're all the bunk I'm going to be like disappointed

Henry's voice is so calm. He's one of my favorite Joey Drew Studios employees.

It seems to be a good person

Henry is always brave

4 Alice Angel

She is a star and singer. She is a beautiful and she will be beautiful

She is one of my favorate characters! And she has a beautiful voice when singing!

She is so hot
And some people like he

Definition of perfection

5 Sammy Laurence

I thought it was spelled Lawrence but 'kay.
And part of the reason I like him as a character is because he has an interesting back story and worships Bendy (lol)

He is so cool I love the design and how he's not a monster also Henry is the co Creator with Joey but just gets a stupid corner to himself Sammy is the music director and gets basically a whole level ment for him so can he get an 'amen'.

Sammy Laurence is my favorate he is so cool and his character personality is crazy in general, also his design is amazingly cool.

I think Sammy is probably my favorite character throughout the entire game, I mean he may be a little bonkers, but he just wants to be set free! I would want the same thing if I was in his place! Poor guy...

6 Joey Drew

You know what I actually like Joey Drew he's a manipulative evil villain with a good voice actor

This guys is weird. So his life ended with himself being unknowingly strange.

Am I the only one who likes him kinda?

7 Shawn Flynn

It is jacksepticey

I think it’s an underrated character because he doesn’t have a coffin and that is very weird



8 Wally Franks

Wally Franks is my all time favourite character from this series. He is so funny!

Everyone's favorite cheery janitor. How can you NOT like him?

He's outta here...and I'm coming with him!

How can you not like Wally?

9 Susie Campbell

I love her! I was her for Halloween!
! My favorite is her!

A truly wonderful soul, with an angelic touch, but beware that angels are just demons who haven't changed yet

10 Norman Polk

I love norman so much he is a gentle, kind man that I love love love. I read a lot of norman x sammy stories and generally, sammy is usually abused by his parents/jeoy (I hate joey), and when he finds norman, norman cares for him and loves him I just love norman so much

Most favorite character :3 I love his style and I love old machines like projectors

I draw the projetionist

He is basiclyhe projectionist yea, suprise

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11 Ink Bendy

Number 14, how? I mean people talk about how cool a character's backstory is but nobody talks about Bendy's backstory. I mean he was a creature created from the ink and was supposed to be the real Bendy but something went wrong and he came to life thanks to the ink and now he tries to kill people. Why is no one talking about his backstory? He looks cool. Mostly scary, but cool. And if you want to talk about cool, well, I never thought I would say this, but Ink Bendy finally has a cooler design than the projectionists. Why is that Bendy in the dark Revival Ink Bendy? Just by looking at the toy version of it he already looks cooler than the projectionists. Finally. And without his jumpscare, Bendy wouldn't be as popular as it is today. So he's iconic and he's the one been chasing us and trying to kill us, and he's badass. I mean he fought the projectionists and tore his head off and he did the same thing two other projectionists and made a throne for himself. And if our theories are ...more

I mean come on guys this character is one of the best and the game would be boring without him. Also I believe he's just misjudged because it was rude to just ABANDON him like that ! Joey is evil boi I hate him

People like the friendly Bendy because some people don't actually think about Ink Bendy's backstory. BACKSTORY YALL. THE BACKSTORY IS WHAT MAKES A CHARACTER A CHARACTER. And I find Ink Bendy to have a pretty interesting one. Well, from the back story I've been told. Or back stories -.-
I find them all interesting.

Cool design bad ass and is a anti-hero he's saved us from Sammy the projectionists and the butcher gang in chapter 2 4 + 5 and has a really good theme song or music and he's the villain the main villain even though there are three people that are eviler then him but you still awesome

12 Beast Bendy

Some people say he's scary. I find him... Okay. He ain't scary to me (I've seen a million times worse) but he's the final form of Bendy. WAIT. Or is it? Interesting...
It also makes me wonder why he turned into Beast Bendy. What was he thinking? I mean, sure, THEORIES, but I kinda want the real story.

He has probably the coolest design in the game and has a roar it's fast and have sharp teeth any walks on his arms and teleport through walls faster than ink bendy can so much so when he reaches a wall he immediately goes through it like a ghost which is awesome Beast bendy is probably the coolest character in the game he does the most coldest things and is probably my favorite version of Bendy along with cartoon and suit cartoon bendy

Best Bendy. He looks so cool, and portraying what you think his voice is makes him even cooler. Try listening to Face Reality. It's the best batim song ever.

Bendy's final and true form
Design's amazing

13 The Projectionist

My third favorite character is the projectionist ^^
My question is, if he's ink, how did the projector get on his head? And if it's also ink, how the flip is it actually working? And if you're telling me if the ink machine can make live creatures that can sing, talk, dance, etc and the machine should be able to make a projector head creature with a working projector, then there are many more mysteries to the machine.

Awesome and he looks like goofy
And a little bit of Donald duck

He is cool despite his evilness.

He makes no Sens

14 Monster Bendy

He is scary but he is cool I like his jumpscare

He jumpscare was scary and his strong to beat

He's still walking, he's still stalking...

He is so adorable if he wasn't mean

15 Tom A.K.a Good Boris

He is a kinda of a dick but still a good character

Cool but pretty much ignores you

Why don't draw him hm

Lololol he is funny

16 Sammy (Monster)

sammy is a little too addicted to his ink and I even wonder what he looks like without his ink on him that would be way too easy to beat him

It was suprising when Henry knocks his mask off

He's cool!
I also like his Bendy Cutout mask :D


17 Allison Pendle

I like Allison Pendle she helps you through chapter five and she acts really nice

My favorite actually is alice angel but alison pendle is just SO pretty!

Poor Susie getting replaced by Allison Pendle, the new voice actress.

She is so pretty!

18 Striker (a.k.a Edgar)

Edgar in the butcher gang was my second fave but now striker in the game is my first. It makes me wonder how he ended up with a mouth on his head...

Edgar is my favourite because I really like his design and just (in my opinion) my favourite butcher gang member!

I like him because he is so cute and has three arms which is so cool

Amazing character so strong but health weak

19 Monster Boris

monster boris is way too buffed up even if he was battiling 15 buffed men he would win so yea a little to buffed up and anyway how did alice do that

Do you mean BRUTE boris!?

brute boris is soooooo cool

20 "Alice" (Monster)
21 Bertrum Piedmont

He hates Joey Drew more than Thomas Connor does.

22 Piper (a.k.a Charlie)

Lol I love the butcher gang

he is one of my faveorite bucher gang character and I love all of them

23 Fisher (a.k.a Barley)

Fisher is the only character that stands out from the others

Cool guy head.. oh well I still like him

24 Projector Man

His name is "Norman Polk".

25 Secret Searcher Boss (Aka Big Mama Inky)

How is she not first? Big Mama Big Inky is 100/10

He dummy thick

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