Best Bendy and the Ink Machine and Five Nights at Freddy's Songs


The Top Ten

1 Build Our Machine - DAGames

I really loved this song, This made me a fan of BatIM (Bendy is not a micky mouse ripoff since Disney don't own the 1920 artwork) - WilliamAfton

Hey DAGames...(your awesome)

This one is weird, at the end it gets sooo cringy and sketchy

2 Break My Mind - DAGames

It made me more addicted to FNaF - WilliamAfton

3 Batim Song - The Living Tombstone

Words can't describe this, But numbers can 20/10 - WilliamAfton

I love the living tombstone - hellfire

4 Gospel of Dismay - DAGames

I honestly don't get why this isn't higher. The sinister atmosphere, the classic tunes, the amazing vocals, brings me back to the late 90's where gospel music was still popular.

The lyrics are perfectly composed, and the animation is off the charts, much unlike regular music videos that just show the lyrics while shaking the screen. It speaks meaning, like how the gang was trapped and want to still do their thing. It reminds me of how in 5th Grade, my mother picked the instrument before I could, and I was trapped in this abyss of learning an instrument I never wanted to.

Honestly, this isn't the Gospel of Dismay to me, this is the Gospel of Inspiration; it should be higher.

Just Beautiful


5 Left Behind (Sister Location Song) - DAGames

Oh God I always listened to this. - WilliamAfton

6 I Got No Time - The Living Tombstone
7 Die in a Fire - The Living Tombstone
8 It's Been So Long - The Living Tombstones

Saddest Fnaf song to me.

9 Can't Be Erased - JT Machinima
10 It's Time to Die - DAGames

The Contenders

11 Devil's Swing - Fandrod
12 Bend You Til You Break - Tryhardninja
13 I'm the Purple Guy - DAGames
14 Recording Town - Kyle Allen
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