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1 Build Our Machine (DaGames)

Who wouldn't love this song? I play it all the time in my car. My sister keeps complaining about that... OH WHO CARES? - LaST_LiGHT

Masterpiece! Good job Ryan! Just Good job! *claps*

I'm not even a fan of the game but I love this song!

AWesome song DAgames

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2 Can't Be Erased (JT Machinima)

Really nice and intense, like the game

Just AWESOME. It describes the whople game, cathy, and much more!
(but I like the others songs too...)

J.T. Machinima makes THE GREATEST video game songs ever. This one is no different.

I think it’s sooo awesome

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3 Devil's Swing (Fandroid)

My favorite

The Best one

Y u no put at nummer won

4 Bend you til you Break (TryHardNinja)


5 Instruments of Cyanide (Dagames)

Somehow better than both Build Our Machine and Gospel of Dismay. - Cyri

I dunno, I'd-- I just love the tune, lyrics and vocals, and how they all match up together.

Maybe next to nightcore angel of the stage

Slow then louds of beats

6 Bendy and The Ink Machine Remix (TheLivingTombstone)

I LOVE BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE but my mom and dad don't

I love it!

7 Uncrowned - Cg5

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG! I keep re-playing this all the time! I even memorized the lyrics the 5th time I listened to it!

8 Gospel of Dismay (Dagames)

Extremely Catchy. That, and the lyrics are awesome.

This needs to be on the list.

This song deserves to be one of the top 3. By far one of the best BATIM songs out there!

Bendy songs

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9 Let Me In (Natewantstobattle)
10 Blood and Ink (NateWantsToBattle)

It has a very catchy tune! I love this song!

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11 Alice's Tango (You Will Be Mine) (Chi-Chi)
12 Rivers of Mayhem (Tryhardninja)
13 The Dancing Demon (TryHardNinja)

Very bouncy tune with a dark twist- absolutely amazing

14 Bendy and The Ink Machine Song (Kyle Allen)
15 Recording Town (Kyle Allen)
16 Spotlight (Cg5)
17 All Eyes on Me (Or3o)

Great song, really loved the whole theme for Alice's fall from grace.

I can belt it out, Alice Angel is the best character. Its just so easy to put yourself in her shoes. she got replaced by bendy, then he bossed her around and she got tainted. its tragic but she's empowered by it. It's my theme song!

18 Can I Get an Amen (Cg5)

That songis cool

19 Another Chapter (Tryhardninja )

It's is a very very good song

20 I Believe (Tryhardninja)
21 It's Fun to Worship Bendy the Demon

I like that

22 Bendy and the Ink Musical (Random Encounters)

It was incredible great song with catchy lirycs

Bendy song + MatPat = <3

23 Horror Show (Cg5)

This song has a good beat to it!

Why is this so far down? I really like it it's a great BATIM song.

24 Angel of the Stage (Tryhardninja)
25 Happy Birthday Bendy (Swiblet and Dagames)
26 Cells No More (The Stupendium)
27 Shade Me (Rockit Gaming)
28 Sheep Sheep (Rockit Gaming)

This is a wonderful song, with depth and emotion expressed by Sammy's extremely sadistic and psychotic personality. Unfortunately, you can't vote twice, but if I could, I would vote for "The Devils' Swing", "Can't be Erased", "The Old Song", "All Eyes on Me" and "Build our Machine". What can I say? Fan-music is incredible! I can't just choose one!

This deserves better than ten this should be number 2 I know build our machine is good but I also know this is way better than The Living Tombstone

29 Distractions (Radix)
30 The Old Song (Fandroid)
31 Flow the Ink (Kyle Allen)

its ok

32 Bendy and the Ink Machine Emoji Rap (Annoying Orange)
33 Find the Keys (The Stupendium)
34 Bendy and the Ink Machine (Moving Parts) (Logan Hugueny-Clark)
35 Absolutely Anything (Cg5)
36 Sweet Dreams are Made of Screams (Poiised)
37 You Will Believe (Komodo Chords)

This song haunts me! It is absolutely beautiful!

38 Cartoon Swing (Gomotion)
39 Sent from Above (Dagames)

Hehe still better than Instruments Of Cyanide

40 Escape the Nightmare (Kyle Allen Music)
41 That Sucks for You (Komodo Chords)
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Top Remixes

1. Instruments of Cyanide (Dagames)
2. Uncrowned - Cg5
3. Let Me In (Natewantstobattle)
1. Build Our Machine (DaGames)
2. Spotlight (Cg5)
3. Recording Town (Kyle Allen)
1. Build Our Machine (DaGames)
2. Bendy and The Ink Machine Remix (TheLivingTombstone)
3. Devil's Swing (Fandroid)


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