Best Bendy and the Ink Machine Songs


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1 Build Our Machine (DaGames)

Who wouldn't love this song? I play it all the time in my car. My sister keeps complaining about that... OH WHO CARES? - LaST_LiGHT

Love this Song! Always play this song at home

It's a great song - TinyToonsGirl45

The most overrated and horrible song. Way too overplayed and cringy. - TeamRocket747

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2 Devil's Swing (Fandroid)

My favorite

3 Bendy and The Ink Machine Remix (TheLivingTombstone)
4 Can't Be Erased (JT Machinima)

J.T. Machinima makes THE GREATEST video game songs ever. This one is no different.

I LOVE it.

5 Bend you til you Break (TryHardNinja)
6 Blood and Ink (NateWantsToBattle)
7 The Dancing Demon (TryHardNinja)
8 Bendy and The Ink Machine Song (Kyle Allen)
9 Recording Town (Kyle Allen)
10 Sheep Sheep (Rockit Gaming)

This deserves better than ten this should be number 2 I know build our machine is good but I also know this is way better than The Living Tombstone

The Contenders

11 Gospel of Dismay (Dagames)

This needs to be on the list.


12 Angel of the Stage (Tryhardninja)
13 Distractions (Radix)
14 Can I Get an Amen (Cg5)
15 The Old Song (Fandroid)
16 I Believe (Tryhardninja)
17 Flow the Ink (Kyle Allen)

its ok

18 Bendy and the Ink Machine Emoji Rap (Annoying Orange)
19 Find the Keys (The Stupendium)
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