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1 Build Our Machine (DaGames) Build Our Machine (DaGames) Cover Art

I knew build our machine tonight was going to be at the top of the list I love build our machine tonight it's my favorite song of Bendy.

I mean, isn't this obvious? What other song comes to mind when thinking about Bendy songs? Definitely the best Bendy song you can find on the internet.

Brill song. Very catchy, just love the song. "I am alive, immortalized. Your creator, you traitor. Hey! Theirs no vaccine, to cure our dirty needs. For now, build up our machine you die tonight, tonight. Build up our machine you die tonight."

Who wouldn't love this song? I play it all the time in my car. My sister keeps complaining about that... OH WHO CARES?

2 Can't Be Erased (JT Machinima) Can't Be Erased (JT Machinima) Cover Art

This is a very well composed song explaining a lot of the game while pleasing. I still think it should be at the top. Easily the best one.

Love the beat of the whole songs and every time they reach the "Shamed and defaced!" part, it just gets better

This one was actually the first Bendy song I ever listened to, so why shouldn't be in the top 10?

Just AWESOME. It describes the whople game, cathy, and much more!
(but I like the others songs too...)

3 Devil's Swing (Fandroid) Devil's Swing (Fandroid) Cover Art

Really catchy tune and it fits the whole cartoon vibe

I love this song! I like to listen to it over and over!

This song is awesome!

A okay and perfect.

4 Bendy and The Ink Machine Remix (TheLivingTombstone) Bendy and The Ink Machine Remix (TheLivingTombstone) Cover Art

It should be the first one! Its just so good, I love it!

Ok and not bad.

I LOVE BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE but my mom and dad don't

aaaaaaaah bendy and the ink machine ahh ahh ahh ahh *pushes him off*

5 Bend you til you Break (TryHardNinja) Bend you til you Break (TryHardNinja) Cover Art


6 Blood and Ink (NateWantsToBattle) Blood and Ink (NateWantsToBattle) Cover Art

It has a very catchy tune! I love this song!

So catchy its infectious

7 The Dancing Demon (TryHardNinja) The Dancing Demon (TryHardNinja) Cover Art

Very bouncy tune with a dark twist- absolutely amazing

It’s my third favorite.

I’m the dancing demon watch me hop, skip and spin I’m quick to give a smile but I won’t forget your sins...hahaah...HAhaHAhaHA...HAHAAHAHAAHAHA*music and laughter dies*

8 Gospel of Dismay (Dagames) Gospel of Dismay (Dagames) Cover Art

Best song ever. Such a great tune. I agree that this song should be in the top three. I honestly think this is the best bendy song ever, I want this to be the first one.

Thanks Dagames

Haven't heard it to many times yet but overall really catchy with a good tune

Should be first. The dude in the screen gives me extreme willy wonka vibes

Why is this one not higher? It's awesome! *Claps* Good job making this one

9 Bendy and The Ink Machine Song (Kyle Allen) Bendy and The Ink Machine Song (Kyle Allen) Cover Art

Honestly better than the remix

10 Recording Town (Kyle Allen) Recording Town (Kyle Allen) Cover Art

I love this song its really cute yet a little dark keep it up Kyle

The Contenders
11 Instruments of Cyanide (Dagames) Instruments of Cyanide (Dagames) Cover Art

I listen to this song anywhere I can have my phone on it is my absolute favorite song of all time.

Who else likes a nice bit of lyrical in the beginning? Me! Nice job to the both of you!

Somehow better than both Build Our Machine and Gospel of Dismay.

I dunno, I'd-- I just love the tune, lyrics and vocals, and how they all match up together.

12 Spotlight (Cg5) Spotlight (Cg5) Cover Art

It is Amazing it has a great storyline and somehow annyoing build are machine was on 1 on this list this songs cover does t make sense as it’s not bendy themed but I don’t Judge by the cover This song is my favorite bendy song ever hopefully if enough people like it we can defeat build are machine

The best part about this song is the "play the old song in the night, THIS IS THE SPOTLIGHT! " I might say this for a math question it's so catchy

This is by far the best. The video is amazing and interesting. The beginning is a little boring but the overall song is so good.

I always keep dancing to this song because it's just too awesome not to dance to. It should be in the top 10!

13 Sheep Sheep (Rockit Gaming) Sheep Sheep (Rockit Gaming) Cover Art

It is a little weird at first, but you get used to it and actually enjoy the song! However...for those two autotuned lines, I didn't even know what you were saying. I had to search up the lyrics to figure out those two lines. Other than that, nice job!

This is a wonderful song, with depth and emotion expressed by Sammy's extremely sadistic and psychotic personality. Unfortunately, you can't vote twice, but if I could, I would vote for "The Devils' Swing", "Can't be Erased", "The Old Song", "All Eyes on Me" and "Build our Machine". What can I say? Fan-music is incredible! I can't just choose one!

I love sammy lawrence so much

This deserves better than ten this should be number 2 I know build our machine is good but I also know this is way better than The Living Tombstone

14 All Eyes on Me (Or3o) All Eyes on Me (Or3o) Cover Art

Honestly starts off as if she was replaced and being pushed around but then decides she is tried of being treated that way she is being treated. So she decided to take back what's hers. At least that's my interpetation that's why I like it.

I can belt it out, Alice Angel is the best character. Its just so easy to put yourself in her shoes. she got replaced by bendy, then he bossed her around and she got tainted. its tragic but she's empowered by it. It's my theme song!

Awesome! Cheers to Twisted Alice and Susie Campbell! It's a sad ending for them in Chapter 3: Rise and Fall though...

Great song, really loved the whole theme for Alice's fall from grace.

15 Can I Get an Amen (Cg5)

I love everything about this song, the voice, the lyrics, the tune, and the beat are all just great, 2nd favorite song, (next to build our machine.)

This song is amazing! I always want to listen 2 it! Well, uhh, Build are machine I lost the lyrics and remembered them, uncrowned is way catchier (I'm the 1 hot did the HE BROKE MY HEART! HE DOESN'T WANT ME, SO FINALLY! I'LL SET MY LOVE FREE. Yes, I'll change myself so you can love me. I'm so sexy! You closed you've closed your heart no worries, I have the key. For you I cross the seas. Cause I'll change myself so you can love me. I'm so sexy! You've closed your heart for you I'll eat eleven bee. Now ready to purse your love!

AH AH MONSTER MONSTER MONSTER AH AH AHHH MONSTER), this song is awesome and Cg5 put their heart and soul into it for reactors, and people to hear! I listened to it twice today and I remembered the lyrics, ahem!

Anyone who underestimates the Bendy games has to listen to this one, 'cause they'll be sorry sooner or later.

That songis cool

16 Another Chapter (Tryhardninja ) Another Chapter (Tryhardninja
) Cover Art

My favorite of all the music

It's is a very very good song

17 Masterpiece (Cg5)

A very good story ending for the last chapter! (Question for a different song...where is 'Projections' by CG5?)

Why is this not in the top 3?! this song is bloody amazing!

Great beat and voice, that's all, really good song.

This song is great! How is it not top 10?!

18 Art of Darkness (The Stupendium)

I love the rap approach towards BATIM and this is one of the best in my opinion

The Animations in this song are great

It is the best song ever

Wonderful rap :0

19 Absolutely Anything (Cg5)

This is a very good one! Did you know that when Alice Angel starts to sing 'can you hear me calling blah blah', the music for that part is actually the song everybody knows (as Allison told you), but faster! Pretty cool!

I've seen so many TikToks with audio from this song, and listening to the whole thing made me love it even more.

It has a very catchy tune to it

20 Horror Show (Cg5)

Come on, you gotta add this song. You should listen to it!

Your kidding this is the best song EVER! I love it!

Why is this so far down? I really like it it's a great BATIM song.

I listen to this song and loved it

21 Uncrowned (Cg5)

Like my sister said I only listened to it two times. Its beautiful, Alice angle and Henry singing the song! *CLAPS*. This masterpiece, and I don't like hate comments, so dont hate on me because I like the song. Now a funny song. He broke my heart. He doesn't want me but finally ill set my love free. Yes, I'll change myself so you can love me. I'm so sexy! You closed you've closed your heart no worries, I have the key. For you I cross the seas. Cause I'll change myself so you can love me. I'm so sexy! You've closed your heart for you I'll eat eleven bee. Now ready to purse your love!


It's a really good song, especially when Allison sings. Keep up the good work CG5!

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG! I keep re-playing this all the time! I even memorized the lyrics the 5th time I listened to it!

This is so good, and I think the creators who made this song think Wally Franks is Boris, I need to write down the lyrics. I only listened to it two times. It’s beautiful, Alice angle and Henry singing the song! *CLAPS*. This masterpiece, and I don’t like hate comments, so don’t hate on me because I like the song, that’s just mean. And The Meatly confirmed Alice and Bendy are not dating. Again don’t judge me.

22 Alice's Tango (You Will Be Mine) (Chi-Chi)

This song deserves more credit than it has. I like the violin playing in the background!

23 Bendy and the Ink Musical (Random Encounters)

I think its beautiful very bendy and the ink machine like I would at least put a 9/10

It was incredible great song with catchy lirycs

I just love this channel

Bendy song + MatPat = <3

24 Who's Laughing Now? (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

Official bendy song not that weird actual pop one...*shudders*

25 Makeshift Creations

It is Very good

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