Incorporate Freeze Dried Food Into Your Bug Out Bag


A bug out bag is your best friend in case of an emergency. It will carry everything you would need in order to survive 72 hours after a disaster. While there are many things you need such as first aid supplies, lighting, communication devices, and warm clothes there might be nothing as important as your food supply. A wonderful way to get a lot of food into a small area is to use freeze dried food in your bug out bag.

A freeze dried pouch saves space by eliminating about 98% off water contained in the food. They are extremely light weight and have a shelf life up to 30 years. When storing freeze dried items for your bug out bag take the temperature into consideration. Large changes in temperature can affect freeze dried packages and can make them spoil sooner.

Besides taking up so little room freeze dried food packs are a great idea for your bug out bag because they can offer a lot of variety. While having your favorite meals is not of much importance during a time of disaster it can be refreshing and comforting to have some of your favorite meals. Having diversity in what you eat can help keep your mind off other things happening around you that are out of your control. Keep normalcy in your life by having hearty oatmeal for breakfast or satisfying lasagna for dinner.

Save space in your bug out bag for other important supplies by using freeze dried food. That extra space in your bag just might save your life.

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