Top Ten Benefits of Having a Beard

The Top Ten

1 Give a look manlier

It really looks so good, especially trimmed beard (short), it's a style I really prefer on males.
Clean shaved is also good, but beard especially short and trimmed is so masculine and attractive - Ananya

There is something extremely sexy about stubble or a groomed short beard. Mmm.. , - Britgirl

Well I never notice others but yeah beard on my bro's face looks damn cool... After all he is my brother he looks cool in every style :P
Just kidding but yeah bro you look really cool - Righteous

2 Protect from the sun's harmful rays

Studies have shown that the beards prevent what beard From the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin

Feels like my brother's decision is absolutely right... - Righteous

3 Protect from skin imperfections
4 The availability of natural moisture of the skin
5 Beard fights colds and coughs because it protects the face
6 Warmer in cold weather
7 Help increase focus in men
8 Increased secretion of the male testosterone
9 Beard helps to protect man from the inhalation of pollen circulating air
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