Top Ten Benefits of Playing Video Games

You guys might already know these benefits from ASAPscience, which is why I recommend you guys his channel and video before you make your opinions here

Video games are usually outlawed figuratively, E.G. socially. due to many reasons, such as a waste of time, pointless, for kids, damages eyes Etc.

While these facts are true you have to be either an addict or an idiot to play games for too long, like over 5 hrs. but since you guys are neither of them of course. and having a dose of video games once in a while can actually have huge benefits depending on the motive. so lets get started shall we?

The Top Ten

1 It serves as an alternative to alcohol

If the first reason is far-fetched, I can't imagine the rest of this list.

Alcohol is bad, not because of its effects when you get intoxicated, but because it is as addictive as nicotine, and can destroy your brain.

Stated below are the benefits of video games and how it definitely outweighs drug use. some disagree on this method, but it works. trust me ( not saying you shouldn't get exercise though :P)

1. it combats against harsh reality in a healthy way
2. its more fun than Hallucinations
3. helps to relax in many ways
4. in my experience, believe it or not, helped me through depression.

I would say this is the best benefit personally since it saved me many times. - cheeseskates

2 It gives better hand and eye skills to help in other careers

Yeah what the others said - Pokemonfan10

Tap faster for the drums, faster typing for scripts, or movies, or schoolwork ( I got 50 minutes of free time because I did all the work in 10 mins) better co-ordination and control, and able to easily learn hand tricks since they are well seasoned.

However it does damage the eyes if staring at the screen too close ( keep at least 10 inches away from your face, or as far away, and comfortable as possible) or if you play for too long. I made that mistake and now I cannot see far away words, even if it is 3 Meters away from me without glasses. you are all smarter than 8 yr old me, so beware

If done correctly, this can be a crucial benefit that will help you in a plethora of careers. - cheeseskates

This I've to agree. At least playing video games has one positive attribute. And Pokemon games are good for your planning and guessing skills. - Kiteretsunu

When I played Pokemon, it improved my strategy skill. So this one is a good benefit. - Delgia2k

3 Teaches you new words and ways of speech

This is my favorite benefit. it helped me win the spelling bee and made me the best narrator in the school

I see so many kids my age that stutter and just talk blandly when reading, it actually hurts, and is the main reason I hate school, its boring.

At least with me, its very easy to show passion and read words. I still cannot believe people don't try this stuff, like, they read the subtitles in video games, especially if it is an alien language translated.

Thank god this gift is with me - cheeseskates

4 You can start a YouTube career with your skills

Note: don't think it is a 1 way ticket to stardom. it takes time, so keep working at your job

A good example for this type of benefit is PewDiePie.

30M subscribers, 8B views and making nearly $3M every year, just for playing video games with wacky commentary.

Like him, he is your inspiration, now get out there kiddo

Don't like him, then that means you can do better than him. do deep commentary, play long video games, answer questions Etc. and you will be a famous you tuber, and a happy you tuber

Like I said though, it takes time, ranging to years (2-8), so you need to work hard to get the pay, and when you do, you got yourself a job, or more likely, an earning hobby, that everyone will wish you have, and that is really something. - cheeseskates

If started correctly, you can make a living off playing video games! No joke. Markiplier, a famous gamer on YouTube, makes about $11,000 a day.

PewDiePie, Tobuscus, Captainsparklez... There's so many out there. - Minecraftcrazy530

Even better, thank you very much

Since there are so many of them, that means you have a good chance at getting popular there too - cheeseskates

5 A great past time

Do I need to say more? Ok

Call of Duty, half life 3, battlefield, maybe even monster hunter, or maybe games from ketch app. all great past times

A lot of repetitive value that makes you forget time, whether shooting people, driving cars, saving the world, being a block of jelly, even being a bad as dragon, is surreal in eating time to the bone. I bet you are not even reading this. that's fine, play your games kid :D - cheeseskates

It quickly becomes more than just a pastime! Its not just a game anymore... - keycha1n

I love playing Minecraft. I think it helped me type faster.

6 It takes away the desire to masturbate
7 It takes away the bad memories
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