Greatest Bengali Metal / Rock Songs

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1 Oniket Prantor (Artcell)

Best Bangla band song ever. Good lyrics, best music composition and great vocal. Overall, it's the best Bangla band song of all time.

Artcell is the best forever... Aniket prantor is undoubtedly the best song of the history of band music... Love it... Love artcell... M/

This song is a must listen to and I can say for sure that you will love it if you know what music should be like this is the best! ! Vocals music guitar and drums each beat grabs you

None in this world could make an epos in 16:21...just one day a Artcell presented a strange track with a strange name'Oniket Prantor' and an epos was made just within just 16:21 minutes...

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2 Shei Tumi / Cholo Bodle Jai (LRB)

Great song in bangla band music.

Anthem of Bangla Band music. Any doubt abt the quality of this song, if any, go to hell...

We sing out hearts out to this song.

It is first track

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3 Boshe Achhi (Warfaze)

best song ever in the history of bangla band music
Warfaze is the best m/

in last part komol played a master guiter tune. No one in bd can be compared with guiter with komol boss.

Oni bhai is my favourite guiterist. his playing style is jossh...

Mizan vai sera

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4 Bishakto Manush (Fossils)

Undoubtedly the best bangla rock song ever

Well, I think it's very amazing song to listen.

This is the best bengali band song I ever heard

This song is of another level...Fossils nailed it!

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5 Vebe Dekhechho ki (Mohiner Ghoraguli)

Anthem... The song which gave India the license to start with rock. A socio- economic issue inspiring the purpose- made lyrics and a music that can be compared to the world's greatest rock bands

This is the best bangla rock song of all time... Mohiner Ghoraguli is the best thing to ever happen to bengali music!
Anyone who disagree with me can KILL YOURSELF!

Perfect song with amazing lyrics and rocking music! If you don't like this song you don't understand music!

best ever

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6 Firiye Dao (Miles)

What a hell! are you people foolish? this song KICKS ASS... vote for this song which is the best and most famous song ever composed by a Bangladeshi band.

it is the best and most famous song ever performed by any banglsdeshi band and miles is the best and only international standered band in Bangladesh.

Anthem of Bangla Band music. Any doubt abt the quality of this song?

This song is better than shei tumi

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7 Chaite Paro (Aurthohin)

Aurthohin is the only band in bd who can touch my heart. I love them very much. Bass baba is awosome

Ei gan ta agiye jao

Both one and two were great - zxm


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8 Moharaj (Warfaze)

Great composition, vocal performance and solos... - azrhyme10405

An awesome song with amazing lyric, headbanging all the way!

Great song, the last verse of this song was good - zxm

Far better than vebe dekhecho ki

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9 Ekla Ghor (Fossils)

Great song and composition...

Really awesome, I had ever heard

My favourite song by Fossils

Best of all time

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10 Nikrishto (Aurthohin)

It's an awesome metal song by aurthohin... The bass is awesome

It should in first position

The Band who can cover Slipknot...

The Realeal Metal song.!

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11 Tomake (Warfaze)

I love this song so much! Super lyric! Super piano and guitar!

Great piano riffs - zxm

I fall in love with this song

That's a great song

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12 Chilekothar Shepai (Artcell)

Brilliant song by Artcell, among countless others. This should be higher up on this list, people.

The chorus was good, and the heavy rhythm riffs in the end was also good - zxm

This song should be in top ten... Awesome song... Metal all the way

Artcell gave life to the lyrics. This should be in top 8

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13 Bi-Cycle Chor (Fossils)

This song had brought a new dimension to Bengali rock. This should be at number one.

Ye no. 1 song hain

14 Dekho Manasi (Fossils)

One of the most promising love-song aspiring 'viraha' or heartache attached to any love affair... According to my taste of music

Great song... Fossils rocks

Heard it today and was absolutely blown away, awesome song. Long live Rupam!

Too lengthy song but the lyrics and vocal performance are awesome...

15 Cancer [Aurthohin]

Come on, this is a song which you cannot stop listening to. It deserves a better spot. Awesome intro, great drumming, mind blowing bass solo and stunning lead solo. Anyone who understands what metal means will love it.

Nice song and I'm like it's. bast my aurthohin

One of the greatest songs ever made in Bangla band history..but still much underrated.


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16 Hasnuhana (Fossils)

Best bengali song ever heard

One of the best songs of fossils.

Awesome song. Hats off to Rupam...


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17 Onno Shomoy (Artcell)

Really nice song.

OSthirrr song I have ever heard...


18 Odekha Swargo (Artcell)

What a lyrics! Really I wonder!

The riffs! It should be in top 5

That's a head banging song... m/

Best song

19 Ghumonto Shohore (LRB)

The drums & guitar combination

20 Aalo (Warfaze)

Warfaze is just awesome band... My all time favorite band... thou " KAMAL" lived the band in dec 2013... but warfaze hats off...

I always love Warfaze songs.

It's a awesome track

A always warfaze song love...

21 Holud Pakhi (Cactus)

Greatest bengali song ever... With awesome lyrics and music.. Thanks cactus for giving us this super awesome song...

Best song ever by the greatest rock band of Kolkata

Nothing to say much. But I just love this song.

Really a nice song.. must listen...

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22 Chaite Paro 2 (Aurthohin)

This song should be number 1.. How the hell it is in number 33.. Are you kidding me. This song is played in radio heavily.. Best song ever.

Listen to it all day... Never gets boring.

23 Sat Din (Aurthohin)

Sat sounds like sat, past form of Sit. I'd rather spell it "Shaat". It means 7 (seven) in English. The song has 7 parts. Each of the part is based on each day. The intro is the part one. Day one. The whole song is 28 minutes long. The story is like a boy/man ends up dying. The whole genre can be called as progressive metal/progressive rock. Though it has numerous parts like heavy metal, hard rock, acoustic rock etc. - zxm

HELL. This should be right after aniket prantor

24 Chena Jogot (Vibe)

How is this even Possible?
It should be in top 15 at least
I am an ArtCell Fan, but still... how is this even possible?


Best song I ever should be in the first position...

25 Bodhu Re (Cactus)

I heard this song accidentally, and nothing was able to take away my love for it after that. It has a great composition, good lyrics and the singer is amazing, you actually feel the song flowing through your veins!

26 Guti - The Finale (Aurthohin)

How in the hell is this in number 27?! It definitely should be in number 1!

The bass solo was great. - zxm

Best music that I have heard in my lifetime. *-*

This is a very addicting song. The first time I heard this song I didn't like it. But the more I listened to it, the more I like. I become bore from listening a song for over and over. But I never got bored with it. The solos are awesome. The lyrics of this song is also very cool. It's like an evil game. It takes time to like this song. But once you're in it. Job done.

"Vebechile shob kichu hobe shohoj
Gutir chale korbe shobai k bosh
Tomar ostitto mor payer niche
khelar sesh ta hobe aj ekhan e" - zxm

27 Ghumonto Shahare (LRB)

Best song ever seen

28 Sritir Chera Pata (Shunno)

Best songs..awesome lyrics...
and also one of my favourite vocalist emil vai💜 sings his voice..

29 Amar Poth Chola (Artcell)

This is the best bangla song ever it surely should be in the top five. Best Bangla band song ever. Good lyrics, best music composition and great vocal. Overall, it's the best Bangla band song of all time. It

Awesome song. It recalls a lot of memories of family and friends. Love it.

There's nothing that can be 'BEST'in music as music depends on the moods perspectives and reasons... I won't say it is the best but it surely deserves some more appreciation

It should be the best,the tune of this song is just awesome

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30 Hasimukhey (Shironamhin)

The best song ever!

Should be in top 10. It touches my heart.

Must be in top ten. Come on guys! - R3D

One of the best of song in bangla band..
should be in top 5
lriycs of Rajib vai is awesome..

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31 Se Je Boshe Achhe (Arnab)

Love you arnab the

One of the best songs I've ever heard...

One of the best love song...

Good acoustic rock song - zxm

32 Musafir (Mizan)
33 Amar Shongbidhan (Vibe)

reaches international standards. good job guys. best bangladeshi metal song.

This is the a awesome song so I think it should be upper position. Thanks



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34 Tomaye Dilam (Mohiner Ghoraguli)

Real taste of rock music what Bengal had got.

The most iconic and the first true bengali rock music... #Legend...

This is the best bengali rock song ever made

35 Bondho Janala (Shironamhin)

One of the best by Shironamhin

I can't avoid this song. love it


36 Hotasha (Warfaze)

I don't know why it is not in no. 1

It is a mind blowing song - aaakash

This amazing song deserves to be in top 5

Best song ever...

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37 Diona Mastana (James)
38 Nil Bedona (Cold J)

The first Bangladeshi Alternative Rock song in Bangladesh

39 Nikrishto 2 (Aurthohin)

Such a great metal song
Awesome lyric and music
It have to be at top 10 I guess

40 Anmone (Aurthohin)

It's an outstanding song with overflowing emotion. I really wonder why it is placed at the end.

Absolutely awesome song...they sumon expresses his sentiments are just captivating and aurthohin!

41 Keu Nei (De Illumination)
42 Shopnodev (Vibe)
43 Aushomapto (Aurthohin)

All parts of this songs acctualy great


44 Pathor Bagan (Artcell)

Album Oniket Prantor - Track 04

45 Ghune Khawa Roud (Artcell)

Better than Chilekothar shepai

46 Dhushor Shomoy (Artcell)

! I wonder why is this song in no.13! It deserves to be on top 10. It's the best song of artcell after oniket prantor, one of the best song of Bangladesh

Its an excellent rock music. Want it in top 5

To me this is the best artcell song

Why is so down on the list 2 d best of artcell

47 Joto Durey (Warfaze)

Why this song in this position?!

48 Shoto Asha (Shunno)

One of the best inspirational songs

49 Chhaya Oronne (Acoustic Shunnota)

This is a song that one would use after a long day or when things demand some unwinding. Highly recommended

50 Krodher Vetor Krodh (Black)
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