Greatest Bengali Metal / Rock Songs

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41 Aushomapto (Aurthohin) V 2 Comments
42 Keu Nei (De Illumination)
43 Pathor Bagan (Artcell)

Album Oniket Prantor - Track 04

44 Shopnodev (Vibe)
45 Ghune Khawa Roud (Artcell)
46 Dhushor Shomoy (Artcell)

! I wonder why is this song in no.13! It deserves to be on top 10. It's the best song of artcell after oniket prantor, one of the best song of Bangladesh

Its an excellent rock music. Want it in top 5

To me this is the best artcell song

V 1 Comment
47 Joto Durey (Warfaze)
48 Krodher Vetor Krodh (Black)
49 Shoto Asha (Shunno)

One of the best inspirational songs

50 Chhaya Oronne (Acoustic Shunnota)

This is a song that one would use after a long day or when things demand some unwinding. Highly recommended

51 Cholo Bangladesh (Cryptic Fate) V 1 Comment
52 Ei Brishty Veja Rate (Artcell) V 1 Comment
53 Haste Dekho (LRB) V 1 Comment
54 Gone (Nemesis)

Really! Gone! Nemesis has songs thousand times better than this.

V 1 Comment
55 Purnota (Warfaze)

Its awesome.. singer sings this track with a soft melody & I like his voice. music combination is josh.

56 Uthsober Por (Black)

My fvrt one

57 Adhora (Vibe)

Haven't hard anything like that in bangla rock. Love the vocal. Shujon from nyc.

58 Shonali Shimana (O-Seventeen)

Choice of the new generation

59 Nirasha (Ransom of Truth)
60 Anmone 2 (Aurthohin)
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