Greatest Bengali Metal / Rock Songs

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81 Obak Valobasa (Warfaze)

Best solo ever I have heard

Best song ever I have heard...

Best Natural Lyric ever

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82 Irsha (Black)
83 Brishtir Ishara (Jachchetai)
84 Thak (Alienz)
85 Shomadhi (Funeral Anthem)

The best bangla song... Solo is superub... They are the only band who can cover children of bodom...

86 O Amar (Prithibi) V 1 Comment
87 Jhor (Aurthohin)
88 Rajahin Rajjo (Shunno)
89 Chilekothar Sepai - Artcell
90 Sotto (Warfaze)
91 Biborno Rongin (Jachchetai)

I can't believe how good it is!.. Great song I have listened to after a very long time..

It's definitely smthing new... definitely different... & definitely... AMAZING!

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92 Kadbe Bishaye (Aurthohin)
93 Adbhut Sei Cheleti (Aurthohin)
94 Rajkanya (Calcutta Blues)

"Listen and fall in love " Love wins

95 Ferary A Monta Mar (LRB)
96 Dhiki Dhiki (Miles)
97 Nostalgia (Vibe)

A GREAT track by vibe... Should be in much higher place!

98 Mrito Joddha (Satanic)

Abbhudoy album - Track 05
Black Metal.

99 Andho (Black)
100 Shadhikar (Warfaze)

Bangladeshi best band song. Awesome solo vocal

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