Top Ten Bengali Movie Superstars


The Top Ten

1 Dev (Deepak Adhikari) Dev (Deepak Adhikari)

Dev is best actor and best acting for all movie

Indian no. 1 hero only dev

Dev is the Best.. No doubt. Nowadays he is trying to take Bengali cinema to another level with his production house named Dev Entertainment Ventures. His ideas about promoting and advertising a movie is path breaking for the Industry. Don't think his stardom will be matchable by anyone in near future.

He is very good actor and very good person

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2 Jeet

Jeet Is a better actor than Dev

Indian king no1 actor jeet real hero...

Jeet fans is the most beautiful amazing desireble actor in the Bengali film industry.

Jeet is best hero in tollywood

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3 Prosenjit Chatterjee

He's a very good actor and a legend of Bengali Cinema. Eventually he is very beloved to his co-stars and they call as 'Prosenjit Chatterjee is industry.' Such contribution he has on Bengali Cinema. - SouravMib

He is the legendary actor & baki sob agar suparstar prosenjit Chatterjee MEGASTAR Hain bangal ka,unko Bengali cinema ka god Mana jata hain

4 Shakib Khan

He is superstar of Bangladesh but isn't that famous in Bengal(India). - SouravMib

5 Jishu Sengupta

Nowadays his movies doing good collections. As a actor he is very superior but people have doubt about stardom. - SouravMib

6 Rituparna Sengupta Rituparna Sengupta

She is a phenomenal actor and her beauty is immortal. She is the only lady of this Bengali Industry who has such stardom to give a fight any of the male superstars. - SouravMib

7 Abir

He is very good looking and intense actor. Abir is very popular for doing all detective roles. - SouravMib

8 Parambrata

He is an sensational actor - SouravMib

9 Ankush

Good luck

My inspiration ☺

He is the dancing star of Bengali Cinema - SouravMib

10 Sohom

Good actor. His comic timing is perfect. - SouravMib

The Contenders

11 Koyel Mullick Koyel Mullick

She is a very good actress and have a great screen presence. Her fan following is huge and have been there for long periods. Her pet Name is 'Tolly-Queen Koyel' i.e. Queen of the industry.

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