Best '00s Guitar Solos

The Top Ten Best '00s Guitar Solos

1 This I Love - Guns N' Roses (2008)

Theres actually no guitar at all until the solo. FOr the first two minutes of the song the only thing going on is the singing and piano playing of Axl Rose. WHen the solo does start, you feel a beautiful chill of a full tone sound. It's the only solo in an album where every song has a solo that has this beautiful and soulful of a solo. THe solo resembles the story of two loves who are going separate ways... which is in fact what the song is about. This I Love is the most beautiful and soulful song of the 00's mainly because of the guitar part even though it doesn't start til' a little more tan two minutes into the song. - gotamu

Considering it had been made in the mid 90's, anything from Chinese Democracy shouldn't be on a 2000's list.

2 The Last Fight - Bullet for My Valentine

Amazzing! Just What I expect from Bullet For My Valentine, and also this song is 1 of their best! So yeah, really what else is therre to say?!

3 Without You - Hinder
4 Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold

This solo should be number 1! It's not just a bunch of shredding. It fits perfectly into the song.

D song is just ok ok... But guitar riff is awesome

5 Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold

This is not simply a bunch of notes shredding ascending and descending down the guitar neck... This is more about making us realize the pain of the dead man afterlife... The speed is blistering and it should be no1, just listen it first, your hands will never listen to you, and they vote for Afterlife!

Why isn't this number one? This solo shreds so much it literally melted my face off when I first heard it! Honestly this solo is much better than bat country, which is number 4. I think the two should switch places. (Not saying bat country is bad, its just that afterlife is better. )

Poor Guys! What to say now? The Last fight is up the legendary solo Afterlife? Do you feel tapping is more difficult than shredding with one hand? Oh Come on, listen to it 220 notes per minute in a completely different scale... Synyster Rules Modern Metal Era.. dot.

The fact that Gates improvised the solo when he brought it to the studio makes it that more awesome, definitely should be higher than 8th place, great solo.

6 Hey - Red Hot Chili Peppers

What about She's only 18? When the solo starts, you get instant goosebumps! Totally inspired by hendrix! - connor2738

It should be turn it again instead of hey

7 Slither - Velvet Revolver

One of the best solos I've ever heard
Guitar world placed this solo by slash on no. 2 on their list of 00s greatest guitar riffs it deserves a place much higher

8 Rise Today - Alter Bridge

Underrated band

9 4 Words (To Choke Upon) - Bullet for My Valentine
10 Blackbird - Alter Bridge

One of the best guitar solo's of this decade. The moment Myles kick in with his guitar is one of the most memorable moments in music ever (in my opinion)

Now can this not be on there already this song:s solo is full of emotion and it's just such a good song

"Amazing song, so much emotion... How can it not be in the top ten? "

Best Best Best solo ever heard.

The Contenders

11 Readyfuels - Anberlin (2003)

The solo defines the band it's self. It defines the style of Anberlin's guitar playing and song writing, which is a very hugh thing to accomplish in a guitar solo. The solo makes the chorus after it sound so much more epic and amazing then the two before it... even though there are no differences in the three choruses other than placement in the song. There's a beautiful vibe in it with a rugged rhythm part behind it. It just completely defines the song. A solo like this doesn't happen very often. - gotamu

12 Stupid Boy - Keith Urban (2006)

It's a 6 minute song. A little more than 2 min 30 sec is consumed with 2 beautiful guitar solos using a Jazzy and a blues form of guitar playing mixed in with a country song. The song stops after the first 4 minutes then comes back after a few seconds of silence, all for the purpose of a guitar solo dubbed over with Keith Urban crying out pleas of apology with both his voice and his guitar that create a soft and complex sounding solo that arguably the best Country solo of all time. - gotamu

I am thrilled to see this song on here... This is a phenomenal solo. When you compare his guitar playing to similar artists, such as Brad Paisley, although it may not be as fast, you can tell that every note is thought out, and precisely placed. This solo is no exception. And when he does break into a screaming, fast part of the solo, the way it blends with the emotion in his voice is amazing. This solo is dynamic, as is the rest of the song. This may be the greatest country guitar solo of all time.

Best guitar play in music Today. Can do everything, but more importantly, he bends his matchless playing to song to enhance them, where as others tend to over play their own style in a "look at how good I am" kind of way. Urban could play any song.

Just The Way he plays the song is DYNAMIC. The jazzy riff followed by a crazy fast outro. Awesome.

13 Better - Guns N' Roses (2008)

The 2 solos in this song are defiantly some of Buckethead's best beauties even with more than 20 albums a a solo guitarist. It's only fitting that with a very bio-plolar song that 1 solo be in a Metal/Neo-Classical style while the other be in a more bluesy style. To put those together though is extremely difficult, but Buckethead not only does it, he masters it perfectly. - gotamu

If slash had a replacement it should be buckethead. The best guitar solo of their new album... I guess this would be the last guns n' roses song with a good guitar work in it. Lets hope that the classic guns n' roses comeback

As much as I hate what guns n roses has become, I gotta admit that some of the new songs are pretty awesome, and this is one of them, This solo is just plain awesome - D2Demon

14 Icky Thump - The White Stripes

The opening song in the album named after itself shows off the basis of Jack White Guitar Philosophy. With loads of short solos mixed and jumbled around throughout the entire song, it's hard to tell what the diffrence is between what a solo is and what a guitar fill is. All of the solos in the song display a magnificent amount of weird sounds Jack White can concoct in a guitar. Part of it doesn't even sound like guitar. Jack White is known for kinda being like the 2nd Tom Morello, only difference is Jack White mixes his strange techniques in with Metal style playing in an Alternative band.
- gotamu

15 Side of a Bullet - Nickelback (2005)

With guitars tuned down 4 or 5 steps and Heavy Metal style rhythm guitar, This song is very different from the other 10 songs on the All THe RIght Reasons album. The solo was made by late Pantera guitarist and best friend of Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger, Dimebag Darrell. In fact the song is written about Darrell's death via gunshot on stage in 2004. The solo resembles a bit of Pantera mixed in with Nickelback to form a rugged intense guitar solo that means more than just picking and tuning down. - gotamu

16 Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
17 Ashes Of The Innocent - Bullet For My Valentine (2008)

Solo resembles the structure of the song... except it's put together as one part instead of the bipolar changes between a heavy scream to a soft whisper. The solo cries out a voice of pain and rage, sorrow and hate, and defeated and victory. If you've never heard the song before, you can listen to just the solo and you get a sense of what the song means and the mixed feel of the song. - gotamu

18 Storm To Pass - Atreyu (2009)

It's kinda like a modern day version of the solo to Dyers Eve - Metallica. It captures the flow of the song with a burst of energy that charges the rest of the entire album. In other words this is the power source for the Congregation Of The Damned album. The solo gives rest of the song a 6 O Clock morning has broken type feel. except it's a storm that is dawning, not the sun. This defiantly Atreyu's best performance guitar wise. - gotamu

19 No One Knows - Queens Of The Stone Age.

The song was made to be bluesy, but the chorus and solo resemble the style of music that made em' famous. It's kinda a rowdy solo and its got a lot of edge to it. The magic of it is how easily goes from a scratchy guitar solo back to the smooth rhythmic sound of the guitar riff, which pretty much defines the song and maybe even Queens Of THe Stone Age entirely. - gotamu

20 Just to Get High - Nickelback
21 The Day That Never Comes - Metallica
22 I've Got All This Ringing On My Ears and None On My Fingers - Fall Out Boy

It's short and simple, on a basic sense they're isn't much to it. But it's a Jazz style of guitar played on not just a non-jazzy scale, but also in a completely non-jazzy genre, Punk Rock/Emo. When Joe Trohman strums theres a sound that echos through each note and on to the next that adds a signature Fall OUt Boy sound to the jazz of it. IT matches the style of writing in the song: simple yet extremely different and beautiful. - gotamu

23 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

How can any1 miss out on this songs its 1 of d best songs of avenged sevenfold with the best guitarist of modern age heavy metal Synyster Gate. Any1 after listening to this song wont vote any other in the list. - dwaipayanmazumder

24 Second Heartbeat - Avenged Sevenfold
25 Like a Stone - Audioslave

Tom Morello plays a really powerful solo that captures the beauty of the song.

26 Knights of Cydonia - Muse
27 Into the Night - Santana
28 Knives and Pens - Black Veil Brides
29 Collapse (Post Amerika) - Rise Against
30 Raise Hell - Hed P.E.
31 Wake - Linkin Park

Although Linkin Park are not the greatest Modern Rock band on earth because of their guitar solos, Delson proved he can step up and shred when the need arises...

32 Blood and Thunder - Mastodon

Split your lungs with blood and thunder

33 Overcome - Creed

this is one of those rare creed solos where Mark Tremonti is allowed to got totally nuts. and go totally nuts he does - fireinside96

34 Just Feel Better - Santana
35 Perfect Weapon - Black Veil Brides
36 Doesn't Remind Me - Audioslave
37 Rock n' Roll Train - AC/DC
38 Holiday - Green Day
39 Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
40 Sound of Madness - Shinedown
41 Nothing Left - As I Lay Dying
42 Laid to Rest - Lamb of God
43 Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja - Lostprophets
44 I Believe In a Thing Called Love - The Darkness
45 Putting Holes in Happiness - Marilyn Manson

This 53 second solo gives me goosebumps. Every. Single. Time.

46 Octavarium - Dream Theater

The perfect end to one of the best modern songs!

47 Hearts Burst Into Fire - Bullet For My Valentine
48 On An Island - David Gilmour

The Comfortably Numb of the 21 century!

49 Angel of Mercy - Black Label Society

This song has a perfect build up to the solo, and zakk wylde is one of the best hard rock/metal guitarists still going today

50 Selkies: The Endless Obsession - Between the Buried and Me
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