Top Ten Best 10 Years Songs


The Top Ten

1 Wasteland

The lyrics are catchy and so is the tune. And it's a perfect song for an autumn afternoon. Typical alternative rock... Perfect

That sand osom I love It

2 Beautiful
3 Shoot It Out
4 Don't Fight It
5 Through the Iris
6 One More Day
7 Fix Me

I love your sogs

8 Dying Youth
9 Now is the Time

This easily should be in the top 10.

10 Dancing With the Dead

The Contenders

11 Prey

This song kicks ass! Give it a listen. It doesn't dissapoint.

12 11:00am (Daydreamer)

1st song I heard from them and it got me hooked, should be in top 5 at least

13 So Long, Good-Bye

Love me when your high,
Kiss me when you cry. " Needs to be much higher at least top 5. - OasisFeelsLove

14 Waking Up
15 The Autumn Effect

One of my favorite songs, with its roaring chorus and the quiet, subdued verses. I get chills whenever I hear,
"Climbing Jacob's ladder"
"Autumn indicates the death of beauty as we know" - Smitty97000

16 Cast It Out
17 Alabama
18 Russian Roulette
19 Picture Perfect (In Your Eyes)
20 Cycle of Life
21 Paralyzing Kings
22 From Birth to Burial
23 Magna-Phi
24 Miscellanea
25 Fault Line
26 Now Is the Time (Ravenous)
27 Empires
28 Seasons to Cycle
29 The Recipe
30 Actions & Motives
31 Insects
32 Backlash
33 Chasing the Rapture
34 ...And All the Other Colors
35 Tightrope
36 Soma
37 Sleeper
38 Minus the Machine
39 Just Can't Win
40 Waking Up the Ghost
41 All Your Lies
42 Actions & Motives
43 Half Life
44 Seasons to Cycles
45 Fade Into (The Ocean)
46 Proud of You
47 Vertigo
48 Moisture Residue

Just an incredible piece of music that not only acts as an incredible album closer, but also tells the story of the end of Jesse’s life as potentially a metaphor for the death of the band following the release of From Birth to Burial, when the band didn’t feel whole anymore until they reunited with their old members and created a fresh start. Such an underrated masterpiece.

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