Best 2 Chainz Songs


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1 No Lie

The beat on this song is what makes it #1 material. Both Chainz and Drake went hard as well, the lyricism was better than most 2 Chainz songs

This list should not exist.


2 I'm Different

You have to listen to this epic song! Nice intro

I think that this should be the first one because its ok to be different in your own way. - kayunna

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3 Birthday Song

This is all I want for my birthday

Just look on that deep lyrics lke "she got a big booty, so call her big booty"

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4 We Own It

This song is one of my favorite songs amazing

I find this song funny for some reason. - RalphBob

Best rap song ever bar none. - steelers03

I hate 2 chainz but this song is kickass

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5 Yuck!

You don't like this only if you got no ear

6 I Luv Dem Strippers

Yeah I love dem Nicki

Love nicki.. 2 chainz in the chorous is mind blowing

7 Ghetto Dreams
8 Talk Dirty
9 Stop Me Now
10 Riot

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11 Feds Watching

Why the heck is this not number 1

Lead single from B.O.A.T.S 2, and the best song on the album, best 2 chainz lyrics he's put out

12 Letter to Da Rap Game
13 Mercy
14 Crack
15 Beez in the Trap
16 All Me
17 Watch Out

So lit

18 Used 2
19 Spend It
20 F***** Problems
21 Rich As F****
22 Cut Her Off
23 G.O.O.D. Morning
24 Trampoline
25 Give It 2 U
26 Bandz a Make Her Dance
27 R.I.P.
28 Dope Peddler
29 Murder
30 Netflix
31 Gotta Lotta
32 Champions
33 Chloraseptic Remix

His verse on the song is probably the best one of his career.

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