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1 No Lie

The beat on this song is what makes it #1 material. Both Chainz and Drake went hard as well, the lyricism was better than most 2 Chainz songs

This list should not exist.


2 I'm Different

You have to listen to this epic song! Nice intro

I think that this should be the first one because its ok to be different in your own way. - kayunna

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3 Birthday Song

This is all I want for my birthday

Just look on that deep lyrics lke "she got a big booty, so call her big booty"

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4 We Own It

This song is one of my favorite songs amazing

I find this song funny for some reason. - RalphBob

Best rap song ever bar none. - steelers03

I hate 2 chainz but this song is kickass

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5 Yuck!

You don't like this only if you got no ear

6 I Luv Dem Strippers V 2 Comments
7 Ghetto Dreams
8 Talk Dirty
9 Stop Me Now
10 Riot

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11 Feds Watching

Why the heck is this not number 1

Lead single from B.O.A.T.S 2, and the best song on the album, best 2 chainz lyrics he's put out

12 Letter to Da Rap Game
13 Mercy
14 Crack
15 Beez in the Trap
16 All Me
17 Used 2
18 Watch Out V 1 Comment
19 Spend It
20 F***** Problems
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1. I Luv Dem Strippers
2. No Lie
3. Birthday Song
1. Birthday Song
2. No Lie
3. I'm Different
1. No Lie
2. I'm Different
3. Yuck!

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Swellow Rants - Birthday Song
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