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1 Super Mario Bros.

Well, I can put it like this. Zelda is very good, Donkey Kong is better but no one can ever beat Mario. Mario is the best! That's it!

No need to argue this one, It's Mario. This game is the reason why we still have gaming today, let alone it is the best 2-D game! - masongilbert74

This plumber isn't going any where. - biscuits

Who doesn't love the 'bros? - random55256

2 Donkey Kong Country

The Best Game with the Best Characters, Best Rounds & Best Music! - Nirmal1991USA

3 Hercules
4 Mighty Final Fight
5 Super Mario World
6 Aladdin

This showes people who steal can be cool. - biscuits

7 Mortal Kombat
8 Tarzan
9 The Lion King
10 Tetris

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11 Sonic 2

I don't know I prefer sonic 3 instead of sonic 2 because its much better the soundtracks special stages and also much better and you could save one that one

12 Castlevania
13 Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is Shigeru Miyamoto's own favorite!

14 Street Fighter

OMG why is'nt this #1?! they had the first Woman in fighting history! Lightning kicks, spinning bird kicks, kikoken, and kikosho! who could possibly kick ass with chinese kenpo? only chun li can!

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15 Metroid

She puts the 'S' in TOTALLY THE BEST GAME EVER! And the T and the O and the A and the L and the Y...

Even girls can kick some arse too! - Oreanta

16 Pacman
17 Space Invaders

I really love this game. I played it with my brother and sister and we all had an awesome experience. I miss old good games. Most of our modern 3-D games are so disappointing - Magnolia

Played non-stop with my dad, the only other game that even REMOTELY competes with Space Invaders is mario

18 Pong

One of the first games should be on every ipod. - biscuits

Addicting played for like 3 hrs dude - ballaboi17

19 Mega Man X
20 Super Mario Bros. 3

This is one of the best Mario games ever created the gameplay and fun stages everything is great except one thing you can't save so every time you wanna turn of the nes you have to start all over again but besides that the game is great

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1. Donkey Kong Country
2. Hercules
3. Mighty Final Fight



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