Best 2013 Idola Cilik Finalists


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1 Chindai Gloria Lagio

Cindai Is the best in Idola Cilik 2013. Beautiful, Sweet smile, Face Bakpao, Sweet, Talented, and Good Voice.

Cindai... I Will always support you.
I Love You...

From : CindaiLicious Tarakan

Cindai is finalist Idola cilik yang terbaik. Sweet girl. I Like it.
I'm CLcs and BDS will support Cindai.

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2 Bagas Rahman Dwi Saputra

I think Bagas is good, the way he sings truly from his heart makes us melt. We'll always love youBagas...

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3 Videmarsha Anasuciara Prabaswara

Go Marsha go marsha go gogo

We Are Ourmarsha

Sama2 tinggal di Surabaya (dia di Surabaya aku di Madura)

4 Alfandy Himawan Bagus Rafli
5 Difa Ryansyah

Cute, charming, handsome, cool.. The best! ♥

6 Josia Valerio Simanjuntak
7 Gilang Wahyuda Wannartha
8 Trifosa Naoca Rehuel
9 Muhammad Ibrahim Fattah

Fatah... We Love You

10 Adinda Galuh Hapsari

The Contenders

11 Agatha Chelsea Terriyanto

Chelsea is the best..

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12 Mandaya Salma Aliyyah Putri
13 Ivan Roy Simanjuntak
14 Novia Bachmid
15 Andrea Arnetta Angelique Karundeng

You're like an anel like your name, your heart is very nice, you never have a bad face, you just show to our your pretty face and we'll miss your beautifull face and your cute smile

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1. Josia Valerio Simanjuntak
2. Bagas Rahman Dwi Saputra
3. Difa Ryansyah
1. Videmarsha Anasuciara Prabaswara
2. Alfandy Himawan Bagus Rafli
3. Trifosa Naoca Rehuel



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