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1 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Jackie Evancho

Jackie stole the Cirque du Soleil show - in a good way..! Definitely the song of the year and the rendition of a generation..

Whatever song Jackie sings, she owns it.. Check out Youtube for video of BOTW from Cirque du Soleil spectacular event in Las Vegas in March.. Jackie stole the show with her beautiful vocals and presentation..

Jackie's performance at Cirque du Soleil was exquisite.. This list had to be created specifically for Jackie..

Jackie's voice makes every song Number 1.

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2 The Way - Ariana Grande

You sing straight from the heart and with deep meaning

All her songs are amazing and this one deserves to be number 1

Wow your music is very good the way is a very good song love it it makes me sing and dance cool I love too sing and dance for your songs I very like singing your songs I rely meen it I also a good singer too I sound like your voice Ariana its true I do but I love all of your song Ariana really do

I love her voice and this song! She is so amazing and inspirational and this song makes me think of hos Mr and my boyfriend are and everything! Oh how I just lovr this song a I have been listening to it on repeat for weeks!

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3 Heart Attack - Demi Lovato

This Is The Greatest Songs Of 2013. Taylor, Rihanna, Katy, Selena, Pink, Kesha Also Released. But HEART ATTACK IS THE BEST SONG OF 2013

Heart Attack Is The Best Song Of 2013

This song is just beautiful, nothing can compare.

The most awesome deep in your soul brings me to tears introduced to me by my 5 year old granddaughter who loves her and who will and is already a singer all day and even in bed still singing. She introduced me to Demi and my heart stopped. 5 years old and she brought up her video and sang with Demi and I choked at how deeply my little granddaugher's insight, her's and no one else's, Thank you Myra for introducing Demi Lovato to me. Myra's older sister has deep trebling tones that go high and low and knock me off my feet. They are inspired by many female vocalists... My favorite is absolutely Demi Lovato!

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4 Stay - Rihanna

It's just a really good song you you can put your heart into when you song this song

Thanks truly rhianna you just made my day by making this song

She's so amazing and she has a unique tone to her voice that no one else has

This song appeals to my voice and my life and it's such a great song by her and it's my fave by Rihanna

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5 Here's to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne

One of the best chorous I've ever heard... The mix of the instruments is genius... Really fits the theme of the song - tonton08

I really like her songs. She has meaningful lines.

I love Avril and I love this song!

This is a song that I have heard.

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6 22 - Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is a great artist because she can sing country and pop! Most artist can't do that.P. S I love her song TROUBLE!

I love taylor swift

No doubt she is the best... Not only this song.. Every song of her just simply rocks! Love taylor

22 is nowhere near the best song on the album, but it's a real let-go, and really always puts me in a positive mood. Taylor is amazingly talented, and her ability to stretch out to multiple genres is something amazing. Love you Taylor, ignore the haters (like the one in the Ariana opinions. )

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7 Royals - Lorde

It should be #1

This is the best song ever it should be on the top ten

I love this song it picked me up even when I felt like I was burned and put nine feet under the atlantic. Yea that much

She reminds me of an old artist whom is no longer with us, Janis Joplin. Unique sound, I sure hope her young years don't leave her unprotected

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8 Just Give Me a Reason - P!nk

Unique song with great voice of P! Nk

It's beautiful. I will have to sing along :D just give me a reason, just a little bits enough, just a second we're not broken, just bent and we can learn to love again.

She is awesome I love just give me a reason

Pink is a completely amazing singer and her voice is lovey and she has great passion for music

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9 Pour It Up - Rihanna

This sing is so simple. But still so amazing.

I like the song not the trashy video

This song stinks. #4 worst song of 2013 - EverythingStampyStyle

Love this song... She always rock

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10 Hurricane - Bridgit Mendler

I just adore this song! Bridgit Mendler is phenomenon! She can sing anything hip hop, pop, anything... She is so, so talented.

Its just so good and its stuck in my head

Shes awesome great Singer love this song

Bridget is a really good singer but isn't that big although I don't know why because she's good. she is way better than selena gomez who can't sing

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11 Rock N Roll - Avril Lavigne

Love this song cause I love the one who sings it

How is this song so low?

This song should be way higher.. Amazing anthem!

That song is good

12 Work B**ch - Britney Spears

This song is so inspirational! If you want something you have to work to get it.

Go go britney bitch

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13 Slow Down - Selena Gomez

Shes an amazing singer, and she expresses her feelings into her songs, which makes me like her even more because she isn't singing for no reason

Awesome song! Selena continue to demonstrate her amazing talents and grace! Perfect role model and amazing performer! Concert was the best I have ever seen!

It is the best song. I sang it and without showing my mom the words, she knew the words. This song is very inspiring to me.

She is good and a beautiful Singer and I love this song

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14 Replay - Zendaya

I can't get into her songs so... None of them. Yes they are good and I admit she can sing but she doesn't have songs that appeal to me... I miss the younger her when she was on 'Shake it up'

I just absolutely love this song

Roar is a rip-off of Brave.

Hard to imagine anyone LESS likeable than Zendaya.

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15 Young and Beautiful - Lana del Rey

I love lana she is so calm and her voice sends shivers down my back in a good way. I love her and her sarcasm towards fame and I just love her really much.

Lana is memorizing, I can't think of a single singer/artist that sounds like her. She brings back the whole sadness Hollywood 50s style and at a perfect time too. The industry is going down and as a personal fan of bands like The Who, Kate Bush and original artists I can say that she is definitely up there with them.

Brilliant, and absolutely mind blowing!

Her voice is so beautiful and she captures so much darkness. It's pure art & pure talent.

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16 Crazy Kids - Kesha

The chorus part is so addictive. Kesha always rock and her voice killed it

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17 Made In the USA - Demi Lovato

It's really nice and amazing my favorite song

Amazing song! It is very meaningful and sweet. - tayleybot

This is so good! Deserves to be in top 10 - soidc

It's a good song

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18 Adore You - Miley Cyrus

Surly her best song. It should be in the top. The lyrics is also awesome. While I listen this song I just think about my boyfriend. Really it make me feel for him. Nice video too

One of the best songs Miley has ever made. Its sweet and AMAZING!

I love her but she look cool in long hair but it's her own choice what can I say.

She is best I've ever heard

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19 Come and Get It - Selena Gomez

I voted for Selena because she has a great voice then the rest no disrespect to the others because they are good but I think she is better.

Selena is one of the best singers (and a bit underestimated). She always sings for a reason. And for those people who believe so, she is not like miley cyrus

She is a talent like non other and is super good singer as well actor. I love you selena

Come & Get It is such a special song especially 'cause Selena Gomez sing it, but it's not just that. I love the way she sings it and I love the beat to it.

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20 C'Mon - Kesha

She's so perfect and gorgeous I love her

My favorite song! Ke$ha is the BEST ♡♡

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21 17 - Avril Lavigne

The youtube video of this song is so great!

One of the greatest songs I've heard in a long time

22 Neon Lights - Demi Lovato

This is 1 of my favorite songs of Demi Lovato. I will always love her. This song is meaningful and just good.

Great song! Very creative and meaningful. - tayleybot

Demi is amazing and so is Neon lights1

We'll be burning up like neon lights

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23 #Getitright - Miley Cyrus UListen to Sample
24 #Beautiful - Mariah Carey

Are you kidding me! Such an awesome song!

Isn't this a 2014 song?

Fresh Vibe. Instant Classic. A+mazing vocal

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25 Baby, I - Ariana Grande

Yay the best in all the world

This song is so amazing and she is too beautiful for words!

I honestly love this song and anything having to do with Ariana. She is my Idol and I look up to her.

I love you so your song should be 1

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26 Perfume - Britney Spears

This song is beautiful!

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27 Walking On Air - Katy Perry

This song is pretty good

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28 Roar - Katy Perry

Voters let your roars be heard and try to get this funky tune in the top ten.

This is best can I believe the Tiger and Katy roaring and.haven scare the lion - sweetjamie

ROAR! When this song entered the TOP 10, YOU WILL HEAR US ROAR!

This is my favorite music
So let us fans of katy ROAR
Vote for position in 1

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29 Stay the Night - Zedd

I used to listen to this to keep me alive at work.

The singer is Hayley Williams from Paramore, she is a female singer.

Zedd is not a female singer!

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30 Explosions - Ellie Goulding

One of her best songs, with it's heavenly like sound. I love the choir sound at the beginning which fades up, the song builds too the chrous as Ellie belts out the lyrics with her unique voice and vocal style. My favourite song of the year so far. (May 2013. )

This song is amazing. Ellie Goulding's voice is one of an angel and her song lyrics actually mean something unlike many popular songs these days. VOTE NOW!

Shes amazing guys VOTE

AMAZING this song is just perfection.

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31 Applause - Lady Gaga

I'm obsessed with this song

Great song really different...

It's a beauty I n the world


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32 We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
33 Live It Up - Jennifer Lopez

Itx awesome! I love jennifer and pitbull they should be no1

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34 FU - Miley Cyrus

She is the best and the song is amazing

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35 Timber - Pitbul Feat. Ke$ha

I think timber is the best even the parody by the key of awesome with PitBull and ke$a special shout out to her she was amazing I both timber and the Parisy😎

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36 Tonight I'm Getting Over You - Carly Rae Jepsen

It's so nice. She finally broke the "Call me maybe" curse.

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37 Now - Paramore UListen to Sample
38 Ooh La La - Britney Spears

Best pop song of 2013

Girlish voice its nice

She is the best in my heart

Best song o f 2013...should be number 1

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39 Walk - Agnes Monica

This song is very awesome
You must hear it
Inspirational song

Best female singer ever from Indonesia

New, fresh and different

40 The Key - Aria Tesolin UListen to Sample
41 Unconditionally - Katy Perry

This song is no doubt one of her best ones. It is dedicated to all kinds of love. The music video is also great.

This is the second single from her fourth studio album "Prism" and she shows emotions. This song is GREAT!

Amazing vocals... Surprised its not top 10

Katy is a fabulous pop princess. This is a pop song, but we see a much more mature slow beat Katy Perry in this track. Extremely catchy and touchy, I personally prefer this track to legendary lovers. She uses her voice with a very powerful hint which makes the song even better. The lyrics are not just rubbish like some songs, they have a meaning. She really sells her voice. I listen to her music on repeat all the time. I think it is a really powerful beautiful that is extremely underrated and should have more attention. Not that this is my favourite Katy Perry song, but it definitely gets to you like a romance film. The song is about loving somebody... Unconditionally 💎 xx

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42 Rule the World - Selena Gomez

Uhm awesome song buh it's called 'FORGET FOREVER' not 'RULE THE WORLD'

43 Please Don't Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin

Great singer. Her album, English Rain, is awesome.

Beautiful Song Its Touch Your soul.

What a nice song :}

44 Aura - Lady Gaga
45 Right Now - Rihanna UListen to Sample
46 Burn - Ellie Goulding
47 Without You - Anastasiya Petrik

There is no other voice like Anastasiya's! She is an amazing talent from Ukraine. She won the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest breaking all records for number of votes and the number of countries that supported her fully. She's only 11, but her stage dynamics are those of a well seasoned entertainer.

A classic song that has new life when sang by this amazing 11 year from the Ukraine.

Nastya, deserves to be on top of this contest she has a wonderful voice and her entertaining is fabulous!

48 Magic Love - Katy Perry
49 Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift

Everything has changed is really awesome song and Taylor swift has really Sung BRILLIANT

Her and Ed Sheeran are amazing I saw them live ad they killed it!

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50 Aku Memilih Setia - Fatin Shidqia Lubis

She Just the new singer on 2013 her comes makes the world song very great! She is the best girl!

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