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The 10 best and most popular songs by the Korean girl group, 2NE1!
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1 I Am the Best I Am the Best Cover Art

I really love this song.. ! This is amazing.. ! The best of the best 2ne1.. ! Your all amazing.. ! I love the official video of this songs.. because the edit was so beautiful. ! THE BEST 2NE1.. !

I am a very big fan of 2ne1 I like 1st bom, dara, cl and last minzy they are all the best and about the song is the best of all 2ne1 songs.

I really like this song and this group too because they got the good leader and she looks so beautiful cool and cute too!

They are best and their song is the best with the best title which suits them and their swag

2 Fire Fire Cover Art

This is their first solo and probably, was the hottest debut song.

I like it, I always hear it over and over

However the rhythm is kat deluna's "wine up ",but still a cool song..

This song is really good...just love it

3 Can't Nobody Can't Nobody Cover Art

I love this song so much... Addicted to it... Bom's part was epic

Can't nobody hold us down... I love it very much

A catchy, memorable song by a K-pop girl group.

No body no body but you..amazing song

4 Lollipop Lollipop Cover Art

I really love this song and making a music video with bigbang how awesome is that... Really love 2ne1 and this lovely song

This is daragon song.. So I love it.

This song is the so awesome! 2ne1 and Bigbang together?! AWESOME CL AND GD THE BEST AND 2NE1&BIGBANG

This should be number 1 I love that thing at the beginning how it goes from slow to fast and upbeat definitely their best

5 Go Away Go Away Cover Art

This song is awesome and I don't get tired of listening to it again and again

Amazing video, amazing song. Can't beat CL in this.

Go away.. This is sounds good to me.

Best song ever. Always on replay

6 It Hurts (Slow)

How could I have never listened to this song?
Heard it today and I'm completely wowed.
All the more, LOVE them.

This woman could sing on broadway, fabulous voice

If you want something like lonely this song great..

My favorite slow song from them + mv is beautifull.

7 Come Back Home

This song is so unique and it's hard to hate this song if you have listened to his song once (or maybe twice). Because I never stop to listen to this song a whole year!

I really really love this song! Bom's voice never sounded this good. And that electro sound and Cl's rap bring this song to another level.. And probablly the best 2ne1's video. Come back home..

This song is great. I love how even though you can only understand the words "come back home", you can feel it's emotion. I wish that CL's rap was in the audio version, but it's only in the MV.

I love this song very much,bec. of the good beat & the best movements. The best moves are when the light goes dim. It was very awesome! 2ne1 is the best among the best girlgroup in Korea! And no one can replace them on the top.

8 Clap Your Hands

Only song and only band that can make a song about claping your hands and make it great.

I keep dancing with this clap your hands I.

I like this song..! I <3 2ne1..!

That's song is amazing I Love 2NE1

9 Lonely Lonely Cover Art

Why isn't this song on top 1? This is like their best song ever!..I'm so..SO..thankful for my brother for introducing me to this music called K-Pop

Until now I keep playing this song when I alone..feels me better.

I really like this song, this song's Iryics and melody are very special and beutiful.

My all time favourite song of 2ne1

10 I Love You I Love You Cover Art

This song just shows their maturity, and the subtle and nostalgic feel of the song makes it so perfect. If this song were a person, it's a sophisticated woman, classy, lavishly elegant, yet a sure stand-out. Like a ring with emerald and pink gems among spiked and leathery accessories (w/c symbolizes 2NE1's other songs)

Such a sick backing track and the vocals just blend so well in the chorus. Also the ending is so epic!

Such a different song, with awesome beat and style! From far one of the best!

Words cannot describe how beautiful this song is.

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11 Missing You

I really like the song "missing you" because it strike my heart really deep and when they singing this song I can really feel their emotion..

This song so smooth to me so I love the they sings it..I feel that I mis also somebody.

It's such a beautiful song, all their voices make me so happy!

This song is flawless. A ballad which will never get old

12 Follow Me

I love costumes and their crazy dancing. This songs well portraits 2ne1 and their style of music.

I like most all the time..this move step

13 I Don't Care I Don't Care Cover Art

This song is truly amazing and 2NE1's vocals and rap stands out.
They truly deserved the"Song of the year" award for this song

Oh my gosh this is so amazing I love it so much promise

This is the song that most of the people play when they get perfect I love this. One of my favourite.

Such an awesome song. Minzy is awesome in this song.

14 Hate You Hate You Cover Art

I love this song and the video!

The who don't like it, I hate you!

15 Gotta Be You

One of their best, hands down. They sang it live, and they were amazing.

It's one of the best song I've heard

Can't believe its this low

This song must be on the top 3.

16 Ugly Ugly Cover Art

Only bad part about this song is that it doesn't really make any sense since they are beautiful

I like it because it sends a message better than the others in my opinion

I love this song, I think every girl can relate to the chorus!

This songs just portrays every hard moment in girl's life

17 Falling in Love Falling in Love Cover Art

I guess this song should be at least #2. 'Cause it's very catchy and different from the other (original) 2NE1 Songs, specially the Mv. They don't dance like that in the othee MVs of their songs.

Park Bom is so pretty.
She is so cute that she looks like a Barbie

This song is so catchy and yes it should be at least in no.2 or 3

I guess this song must be included in the top 5.

18 Crush

For my opinion, this song should be at least at #5 or higher! It's rhythm is just perfect! When you watch the Mv of this song, The girls done a wonderful job there & their appearances is just so superb! This song is very catchy and very worthy to be in higher ranks!

I like it very much 1st crush and 2nd I am the best that's I like

19 Do You Love Me Do You Love Me Cover Art

The video is just simple and having fun..and the song is awesome and catchy! X)

20 Goodbye

I can't stop listening to's so sad and yet makes you feel happy

It didn't drop yet lmao

I just know this song will hit me in the feels even if its not out yet :(

21 Love Is Ouch

Great and catchy song. Once you listen to it, you'll get hooked right away I'm telling you. Haha. I love 2ne1! Best kpop girl group ever!

Feeling bout Distant Relationship should be ended and being a Friend of his Love

Fell in love with this song the moment I heard it

22 Happy

Oh this is my favorite 2ne1 song. I like the simplicity of the video and the mood it carries. Lyrics are a whole new level of amazingness..

Why didn't anyone added "Happy" here? Come On man just listen to it. You will only feel Happy.

This is my birthday too I like this in this song I like CL she is my best IDOL!

Love this song deserves a lot of recognition

23 Mental Breakdown

CL Sound so badass here

24 Try to Follow Me Try to Follow Me Cover Art
25 If I Were You If I Were You Cover Art
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