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21 Love Is Ouch

Fell in love with this song the moment I heard it

Feeling bout Distant Relationship should be ended and being a Friend of his Love

Great and catchy song. Once you listen to it, you'll get hooked right away I'm telling you. Haha. I love 2ne1! Best kpop girl group ever!

22 Mental Breakdown
23 Happy

Why didn't anyone added "Happy" here? Come On man just listen to it. You will only feel Happy.

I can't understand the lyrics since I'm not an Korean but I can't help but smile and feel happy when I listen to this amazing song of 2NE1

Love this song deserves a lot of recognition

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24 If I Were You
25 Don't Stop the Music

Awesome... can't believe it's so low

26 Be Mine

Sweet and heart fluttering song compared to their other songs

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27 The Baddest Female

It's really amazing. You must listen to it.

This song is amazing. CL did it all by herself and did an awesome job!

28 Fairytale
29 You & I

Bom's voice is amazing here

30 Stay Together
31 Good to You

Love so much their voices

32 Scream

Love this song and it gets me on the mood to dance and party

I like CL very much in this song she look like a beautiful QUEEN!

This song is amazing. And everyone is looking so stunning especially CL actually others were no less. O My Gosh! The first time I heard the song. I fell in love with it.

33 Kiss
34 Don't Cry

This song is so pretty it makes you want to cry

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35 Baby I Miss You
36 You and I V 1 Comment
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