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1 A Beautiful Lie

Plain and simple. This was 30 Seconds to Mars at the height of their powers. It all started going downhill slowly when their bassist, Matt, left the band shortly after the tour for this album was over. So many great songs filled with angst, passion, pleasure and pain. By far and away their best work.

With songs like A Beautiful Lie, From Yesterday, The Kill, The Story and the awesome Attack this banda consolidates like the great band that they should be

This one is the best. Love Lust Faith and Dreams is a close second though, mostly because of Up in the Air, Convergence, and Conquistador. But holy crap this album is good. There are no bad songs in this album and I absolutely love about 6 of them. This is when the band was at their best. They did lose their basist, which sucks but they still manage to make amazing music. This is their best work though.

Good record

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2 30 Seconds to Mars

When I first heard that Jared Leto had a band that was actually getting some airtime, I'll admit I was skeptical. After all most actors-turned-musicians usually only receive any level of notoriety on their name alone; however, after hearing Capricorn for the first time, I immediately went to the record store and bought this album. Simply put, it blew me away. I mean, I never skipped a single track. While somehow managing to find a perfect balance between a sort of progressive, celestial elegance and unpolished garage band-colored rock, its sheer originality at a time when the mass-produced garbage of the post-nu metal era makes this gem one of the best rock albums of that decade, and in my opinion, still one of the best of the millennium. Unfortunately, as I'm not really a fan of emo, screamo etc., which seemed to, at the very least, influence their later albums, I can't say the same for any of their material produced since. Kids, if your first impression of 30 Seconds to Mars came in ...more

The album that got me hooked and kept me hooked throughout ABL and TIW. Raw, solid guitar riffs, the metaphoric lyrics Jared got known for. This album really set the bar high for me and unfortunately they haven't been able to reach that again, even though ABL still haad some really good songs (The Fantasy, Battle Of One) and even TIW has 1 good song (SIASL). S/T all the way for me, always.

The best album they have made, hands down. It is atmospheric space rock at its best. Very dark in its lyrical themes. Ever since I first heard it, I've been looking for works similar to this with no success. I wish they kept this style for all subsequent albums.

A great album of course, this and A Beautiful Lie are their two masterpieces but I think I would prefer this.

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3 This Is War

The first 30 seconds to mars song I ever heard was this is war and then a week later I heard closer to the edge, that's what made me buy the album and what made me fall in love with the band, so even though I love them all this will always be my favorite.

I really love this album, maybe because I had discovered 30' with "This is War". I love "Hurricane", "Kings and Quenn", "Vox Populi" and "This is war". All of the songs were great in shows. I really love "A beautiful lie" and "30 seconds to mars" but it's my favorite!

I love like all the songs on this album. I like this is war, alibi, hurricane, closer to the edge, Kings and Queens. I fell in love with them because of this album.

It doesn't compare to the strong guitar riffs that are in 'A beautiful lie' but the album has brilliant songs that stick in your head like hurricane with that amazing Jared's voice plus closer to the edge,this is war,vox populi and night of a hunter. The choir also complements 100 suns. This album is more about the lyrics.

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4 Love Lust Faith + Dreams

Its sad how many modern rock bands are going more and more pop
Yes, the songs in this album are catchy but they are nothing compared to the masterpieces in a beautiful lie
Many fans nowadays only like their last two albums and I'm greatly disappointed at this failing fanbase

Amazing to listen but when you understand it's meaning you feel.. What, like you are singing to whom? And you feel like it's evil some how

Great album, love the city of angels

I can't explain how dissapointed I'm, awful album, doesn't even get closer to the glory past years, almost it's a entire acoustic album. I only save 2 songs up in the air and city of angels but after that... No words

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5 AOL Sessions Undercover
6 MTV Unplugged: 30 Seconds to Mars
7 America
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