Best 30 Seconds to Mars Music Videos


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1 From Yesterday

Why it is 2nd guys? It should be 1st it is so epic in this video Jared is so handsome and I wish Matt will go back and it is cool in the part of they fought it must be 1st please vote this!

Should be 2nd or 3rd. The Kill, A Beautiful Lie and this should be in the top 3 without any shadow of a doubt.

This is like some some of short movie about Ninjas! If they ever make a Naruto movie Jared and co should apply for it haha!

2 A Beautiful Lie

Simply breathtaking in its beauty! No special effects were needed! Just wondering if the icebergs are still there... Would be wonderful if the video inspired people to in their own small way help solve the problems of global warming, pollution, etc.

It's no contest really... Na just kidding, this band makes epic videos of course it will be a difficult choice but THIS is just so over the top that it gets my vote. Performing a song on ice glaciers... It doesn't get much more epic than that.

This definitely. The band risked their life to film this (the 4th single mind you) when they didn't have to. This single/video was never released in the UK sadly but it did well elsewhere in Europe. This is the best music video of this band.

This is definitely the best video. It has no much meaning behind the video, I don't understand all the hate between the different videos and albums, they're all different, they're all amazing. - DanielleFromMars

3 The Kill

Hahahaha... how can anyone even CHALLENGE this video? It's the greatest video ANYONE ever made! The setting, the editing, everthing's uber cool. And as usual Jared looks HOT!

This music video is sososo interesting. It is my favorite one because it is so catchy and you want to watch to again and again and again!

4 Hurricane

What The Hell? It Should Be #1 In This List!

5 This Is War

The best video from the disappointing This Is War "era". Should be in 5th. A Beautiful Lie 1st, From Yesterday or The Kill 2nd and 3rd, Capricorn 4th.

6 Kings and Queens
7 Closer to the Edge

Should be No1! The video encompasses what they are passionate about-the music, playing live & their fanbase ( The Echelon). Also is a nod to how hard working a band they are & how much they tour! My favourite 30 Seconds to Mars song whether I'm watching the video or listeningšŸŽ¶

8 Capricorn (A Brand New Name)

That was so epic and there was a huge message in it shouldve been #1

9 Edge of the Earth
10 Attack

Great song and great way to define the group. This gets me hyper and feel a little more wise

The Contenders

11 Up in the Air

I personally really really like this video. - 10Jackson

12 Do or Die
13 City of Angels
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