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21 Beyond the Gray Sky

This song is so moving, especially when played live. It is just amazing. It's like another realm when they play this live.

22 Hydroponic

how is this so low?
best song I ever heard

Everthing I eat is from the earth, right?
I am what I ear straight up earth, right?
Nothing but a walking sack of earth nice to meet ya guess what yeah your one too!

23 Hey You

Not only is this the best song on their Uplifter album, this is the best song on one of their best albums. Because of this, it would be considerably one of their greatest songs of all time. Harmony is a factor that 311 is very good at, which is displayed in "Hey You" very well. Overall it is a solid song.

Great opening track to uplifter

24 Hive

You're all up in my mix like fckin betty crocker.

25 Made In the Shade
26 I Told Myself
27 Sever
28 You Wouldn't Believe
29 First Dimension

On new album, Stereolithic, it's just another solid track from such a great band

30 Strong All Along

I'd say Lucky is the best 311 song, but that wasn't on this list. Strong All Along is the best out of these songs. It has such a good beat and some crafty lyrics. All yall that voted Amber are out of your minds. No offense to 311, but Amber might be their worst song ever. It's kinda boring. Chill yes, but boring as well. 311 has so much more to offer.

I'll break it down for you like this, completely unique and original feel.

31 Inner Light Spectrum
32 From Chaos
33 It's Alright
34 Do You Right
35 No Control
36 Five of Everything

This song is going to be Huge

37 Creatures (For a While)

Way too low for a crowd favorite at concerts!

Should be in the top 10! This song is so catchy!

How is this not top ten. These lists suck.

38 Boom Shanka
39 Long for the Flowers
40 Sick Tight
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