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41 Offbeat Bare Ass
42 Welcome

This song is perfect. This kicks off your entire 311 listening experience and captures it perfectly. Love Music and Grassroots most, Blue Album has a lot of cool grooves and everything after is full of great stuff! I just love 311 and I picked this song as it is the beginning of it all!

43 Revelation of the Year
44 Rub a Dub

How could this not be in the top 10 list... Seriously, after all the funk they have put in it.. Just listen to the lyrics man, it would remind you of someone you had crush on and you never gave up hitting on her... Kinda reminds me of some one.. :-)
Ooh, what else can I do...
Ooh, face in a screw
Ooh, racing to prove
You never remember
The blossom sender
Still in a rub a dub style

45 Jackpot

Not their best song, but should definitely be considered as one of their better songs. I am a huge 311 fan and I understand if most other fans believe their earlier albums are way better, but Uplifter is pretty damn good, and this is one of the better songs on that album. However, it isn't the best compared to songs like "It's Alright" and "Hey You"

46 Existential Hero

The drums in this song are phenomenal. Great work, Sexton

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47 Freak Out

This as 41, that's how I know this list is BS. By far on of their best tunes.

48 Galaxy
49 Eons

Wow, this is one of the catchiest best made songs by any band anywhere

This song should be favorite from Sound System. The etheric rhythm songs that 311 does are usually the deeper meaning songs. Read the Lyrica and be amazed.

50 Omaha Stylee

Never get sick of this

Wow! This is way low... People... Pay attention to the genius in the lyrics and the beautiful vibrations these guys put out into the universe for is... And the knowledge. Fkn 311! 💃

51 Who's Got the Herb?

This is like trying to rank money, sex, and weed... They are all #1 in my book!

52 Applied Science
53 Feels So Good

I think it reflects what 311 was based on! Give the spirit the band had in its beginnings

54 Nutsymptom
55 Brodels
56 Two Drops in the Ocean
57 Frolic Room
58 Visit

best song"

59 Time Bomb

Fun song to listen to and sing along. People usually don't like songs from the later albums, but this is an especially good song.

60 F*** the Bulls*** V 1 Comment
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