Best 38 Special Songs

The Top Ten

1 Caught Up In You
2 Hold On Loosely V 1 Comment
3 Rockin' Into the Night

This one should be number 1

4 If I'd Been the One
5 Back Where You Belong
6 Fantasy Girl
7 Second Chance

I Heard this song in a classic compilation, and fell in love with it instantly.

Pity I don't feel the same way about their other songs.

This should be number 1

V 2 Comments
8 Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
9 Stone Cold Believer
10 Chain Lightnin'

The Contenders

11 Teacher, Teacher
12 Take Me Back
13 Radioactive

It's awesome song for fighting

14 What Can I Do
15 Rough Housin'
16 Twentieth Century Fox
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