Best 38 Special Songs

The Top Ten

1 Caught Up In You Caught Up In You
2 Hold On Loosely Hold On Loosely V 1 Comment
3 Rockin' Into the Night Rockin' Into the Night

This one should be number 1

4 If I'd Been the One If I'd Been the One
5 Back Where You Belong Back Where You Belong
6 Fantasy Girl Fantasy Girl
7 Second Chance Second Chance

I Heard this song in a classic compilation, and fell in love with it instantly.

Pity I don't feel the same way about their other songs.

This should be number 1

V 2 Comments
8 Wild-Eyed Southern Boys Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
9 Stone Cold Believer Stone Cold Believer
10 Chain Lightnin' Chain Lightnin'

The Contenders

11 Teacher, Teacher Teacher, Teacher
12 Take Me Back Take Me Back
13 Radioactive Radioactive

It's awesome song for fighting

14 What Can I Do What Can I Do
15 Rough Housin' Rough Housin'
16 Twentieth Century Fox Twentieth Century Fox
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