Best +44 Songs

Even though they only had one album. It brought a lot of good songs to the table of music.

The Top Ten

1 When Your Heart Stops Beating

Most popular by them but falls to number 3 in my list. - wade014

2 Lycanthrope

Anyone can rockout to this jam. - wade014

3 No, It Isn't

The way this song makes any Blink fan feel can't be told, but only felt. This song is unique, and by far deserves to be number 1.

The song that mark wrote to tom. Lyrics couldn't cut down any deeper than what mark puts together in this sad tune. - wade014

Crazy good

4 Cliff Diving

Hands down this great song deserves to be number 1 in my list. - wade014

5 155

A great break up song that doesn't have to sound so depressing. - wade014

Such a good song with a catchy chorus and a great riff, should be number one.

This songs used to make me wet. Enough said. It still does though.

6 Baby Come On
7 Make You Smile
8 Lillian

Mark says Adam's song is the most personal song he's ever written; I would imagine Lillian is extremely personal for him as well. The lyrics are heart-wrenching, and easy for me to identify with. This has to be +44's most underrated song.

Very underrated song by them. Mark is brilliant when it comes to song writting. Just have a listen to it. - wade014

9 Chapter 13

In my opinion this is the perfect closing track for this album. Love the catchy low toned verse near the end of the song! "And we'll both take our revenge But we still don't feel any better". Awesome song! - Graham

Chapter 13 also means bankrupt/foreclosure... So maybe mark is saying that tom is responsible for the break up for blink - wade014

10 Little Death

Come on fam...

The Contenders

11 Weatherman

How is this song not in the top 3? This song captures loneliness and regret in the most perfect and dark ways! It's so depressing, it's beautiful!

Got to know this song thanks to street dreams and it definitely deserves to be in the top ten! Amazing movie and beautiful song!

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1. Lycanthrope
2. When Your Heart Stops Beating
3. No, It Isn't
1. Cliff Diving
2. Lycanthrope
3. When Your Heart Stops Beating


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