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1 Jesus

Why is this below "Rocks"? Jesus is the SON OF GOD. Rocks is what good bands do. It's also something that GOD CREATED! - booklover1

None of the other words would be in existence without him making all of those items. - logblobo

there are more than 100000000 words, but you will never find a better word than this. He is the reason of all - rock2metal

Jesus should definitely be above rocks because like rock2metal said, "He is the reason of all. ", and when Jesus is above rocks, it would say
And he does!

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2 Space
3 Pizza
4 Snake
5 Rocks
6 Bacon
7 Metal
8 Fruit
9 Steel
10 Happy

BE HAPPY, don't WORRY, BE HAPPY! Happy is a positive and good word to have, make it higher everyone! Don't Worry!? BE HAPPY! Cause there ain't no word like happy OR cheerful

The Contenders

11 Drink
12 Lingo
13 Clash
14 Crazy
15 Power
16 Boobs
17 Peace
18 Words
19 Porno
20 Music

Come on! We all love music, if there was no music in the world then we would be bored out of our minds! TOTALLY NEED MUSIC! - marlonacott

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