Best That '70s Show Couples

Who is your favorite That '70s Show couple? It could be one amongst the main characters or one amongst the non-main-characters, you decide! Think a couple should be higher? If you are logged in, vote for 'em! You can also add some I didn't cover.

The Top Ten

1 Jackie and Hyde

They were so perfect to eachother. Hyde helped Jackie to be more realistic, more practical, and Jackie made Hyde more soft, I mean, he actually tell her that she loved her! When we all know how hard is for Hyde to express his feelings. They belonged together, change my mind.

She made him softer, he made her stronger. They just clicked. Especially since Hyde wasn't one to get her gifts, or be lovey-dovey, but those times when he told her he loved her or how he talked about her, you could see he really did love her. They were unexpected.

The best couple on the show. They were a younger version of Red and Kitty. They belonged together. Jackie and Hyde forever.

They made each other better characters and readily loved each other

2 Eric and Donna

Eric and Donna should be a lock for number one. If you watched since season one, you would know that these two had the best relationship on the show. Jackie and Hyde? Oh, please

What this couple was so much better than Hyde and jackie? Donna and Eric were the perfect match and lasted nearly the whole the show. It was mostly all about them too

Are you kidding me! This couple is ultimate goals

This should me first

3 Kelso and Jackie

They grew together unlike any other pair, and they were the funniest too

Despite the fact that they were together for about four seasons and were alike, I never saw chemistry between them. It seemed like Kelso didn't love her due to all of the times he cheated on her.

Funniest couple going! Perfect for the sitcom and brought out the humour of both their characters!

Their relationship was based off of their personalities which created this beautiful couple.

4 Red and Kitty

Red and Kitty, the parents of Eric and Laurie, may seem like they have nothing in common, but you'd be surprised how many "foot-in-ass" jokes the two can say combined.

Hands down the best lol

They are THE ULTIMATE CANNON COUPLE con this show.

5 Jackie and Fez

No. Just, no.

Fez is perfect for Jackie! They make each other happy and have similar personalities! And they both love disco and love dancing together!

Another one you wouldn't expect, but are surely meant to be. Despite Jackie being somewhat of a rich snob, she realized that her and the foreign kid, Fez, were meant to be.

They were amazing together!

6 Hyde and Donna

Hyde showed a side of him to Donna he had never shown before

7 Kelso and Fez

My favorite ship on the show

Yall sleeping on these soulmates...they were actually so in love wHAT THE HELL

How is this so low :(((

8 Bob and Midge

The two idiots. Did anyone not see this coming?

They were so stupid it was funny

9 Eric and Buddy

Actually turned me on when Buddy kissed Eric! Totally unexpected, loved this episode!

Hands down, one of the best episodes of the show.

yes lol

10 Fez and Laurie

Despite the fact that it'd seem like the dumbest idea in the history of couples, it was actually a funny and entertaining couple.

The Contenders

11 Donna and Leo

One of my favorite Leo moments was when he tried to ask out Donna. Even though they never actually hooked up, it was still funny.

I wouldn't call them a couple.

12 Red and Eric
13 Hyde and Sam

Despite the fact that she was a stripper, Hyde and Sam actually enjoyed their marriage while it lasted.

14 Kitty and Leo
15 Kelso and Brooke

The most wasted potential ever! il my babies sm, they could have been the cutest, most domestic couple in sitcom history!

16 Hyde and Eric

Their kinda perfect for each other

Bitch they are meant for each other

17 Bob and Fez

One of the best friendships

18 Donna and Casey
19 Hyde and Red


20 Donna and Randy

Randy was the worst character ever in the show. So, him ruining the best couple in the series was obviously terrible.

This couple was the best, it had the most chemistry and best romance.

21 Jackie and Eric
22 Jackie and Randy

I could imagine this happening...obviously not even close to Hyde and Jackie perfect.

23 Eric and Mitch
24 Donna and Jackie
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