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1 Homesick

Of course because of "I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What are you made of? ", but also because of "Welcome To The Family", "Mister Highway Thinking About The End", "My Life For Hire" and "Holdin' It Down for the Underground".

But still not an easy decision: "What Seperates Me From You" and "For Those Who Have Heart" are very good album too. - Flav

NJ Legion Iced Tea, The Downfall Of Us All, Homesick And I'm Made Of Wax, Larry What Are You Made Of?

2 What Separates Me From You

Arguably their least experimental album; arguably their strongest album by a long shot. Their is no give, only take. They know exactly what they are doing and execute their vision with a ferocious tenacity and relentless vigor, and above all else high energy.

A lot of diversity, every track is great!

3 For Those Who Have Heart
4 Common Courtesy

This is ADTR's best release to date in my opinion. All the songs are catchy, it has the right mix of heavy and gentle components, its impossible to not finish a song once you've started listening to it and it flows really well. It's pretty much a perfect album. This should be #1.

5 & Their Name Was Treason
6 Attack of the Killer B-Sides
7 Bad Vibrations
8 Old Record
9 Halos for Heros, Dirt for the Dead
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1. What Separates Me From You
2. Homesick
3. Bad Vibrations
1. Homesick
2. Common Courtesy
3. For Those Who Have Heart
1. What Separates Me From You
2. & Their Name Was Treason
3. Old Record

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