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61 What There Is
62 White Canvas

Just recently heard this one! It's so pretty and just flows! Wish I could have heard them sing this one!

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63 A Fine Blue Line V 2 Comments
64 Barely Hanging On

Morten is a bit whiny on this it is kinda depressing and he doesn't sound in a good place with his life.

Reminds me "the doors" great song

65 Cannot Hide V 2 Comments
66 Dragonfly V 1 Comment
67 Driftwood V 1 Comment
68 I Dream Myself Alive

I named my debut novel after this song!

69 Little Black Heart

How is this not higher? Easily the best song on minor earth. Flipping brilliant.

Who does not love this song it's a bit film noir

70 Mary Ellen Makes the Moment Count
71 Maybe, Maybe

This is the one where they get run over not and you tell me it's a good one

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72 Monday Mourning

Is this early morning? no I don't even know this one its sounds sad though

73 October

This is short and sweet great keyboards and is about England bless them for loving our country

Always liked this. Different. But good.

74 Shapes That Go Together
75 Soft Rains of April

I think Pal was homesick when he wrote it so sad and is another prison song because he has 4 more years in Dover poor bugger

76 Solace

My favourite album aha song. It has true meaning to me the words are incredible how can you not love the man (Magne) who wrote this. 'No one got ahead standing in line' is a stunning phrase.

77 Summers of Our Youth

Absolutely beautiful song that's perfect for when you're feeling nostalgic about your teenage years!

78 The Company Man
79 The Way We Talk V 1 Comment
80 There's a Reason For It
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