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101 Keeper of the Flame

Probably the best song on Analogue

102 Lamb to the Slaughter
103 Less Than Pure
104 Lie Down In Darkness
105 Make It Soon
106 Oranges On Appletrees

I can honestly say I really hate did one I think Maybe was tripping that day he wrote it why did Morty agree to sing it?

107 Over the Treetops
108 Presenting Lily Mars V 1 Comment
109 Start The Simulator
110 The Love Goodbye

I don't know this one where is End of the Affair?

111 The Sun Never Shone That Day

And another very good one! I'm exhausted...just can't believe how many really good songs they have had! Another don't think Waiting for Her is even on here! Now that's a great one and so good to dance to!

112 We're Looking For the Whales

They are singing this live on Cast in Steel tour its about saving the whales in Norway but I don't think there are any left they have eaten them all

Amazing, mysterious and complex Song!

113 White Dwarf

This is a crazy Pal song its about space and a picture on the wall I don't get it but the song is awesome

114 You'll End Up Crying
115 Stop! and Make Your Mind Up
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