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1 Arrival

Probably their most popular album with songs Dancing Queen, Fernando, Money Money Money, Happy Hawaii and Knowing Me Knowing You that I love! - ivylee

Probably my favourite because it has most of the songs I love!

Money, Money, Money, Dancing Queen, Knowing Me, Knowing You - MatrixGuy


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2 Voulez-Vous

Song for song, this is ABBA at their best. "If It Wasn't for the Nights" could have been one of the huge hits of their career up there with the popular ones-don't why that wasn't pushed as a single. On side two, those first 3 songs have to be one of their best album song sequences (for those who don't have the record, starting with "Does Your Mother Know", "If It Wasn't for the Nights", then "Chiquitita".

Voulez Vous is a great pop album with lots of hidden gems. "If It Wasn't For The Nights" is one of the group's best songs, along with other classics like "Chiquitita", "Angel Eyes", and "Does Your Mother Know".

I love their songs Angel Eyes, Chiquitita, Summer Night City, If It Wasn't For The Nights, Lovelight and Does Your Mother Know! - ivylee

Great albums. Every song is beautiful.

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3 The Visitors

This album is a complete masterpiece that I get goosebumps just looking at the cover. Favorite track: The Visitors, but they're all absolutely amazing.

Listen to it right now as I write this. So good vocals. So many good songs! A masterpiece and worthy final album

The Last album, Hits :One of Us, Head Over Heels, The Visitors - MatrixGuy

My favourite songs are One Of Us, Slipping Through My Fingers and Like An Angel Passing Through My Room - ivylee

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4 Super Trouper

Including giant hit Happy New Year and many great songs as The Winner Takes It All, Super Trouper - MatrixGuy

My favourite song The Winner Takes It All! I do like Super Trouper! - ivylee

5 ABBA - The Album

Why is this so low? All the songs are undeniably great, but definitely give eagle, take a chance on me, thank you for the music, and I wonder (possibly Abbas greatest song ever) a listen. No words to describe this album... Just listen to it.

I love their songs Take A Chance On Me, Move On and Thank You For The Music! - ivylee

Thank You for the Music, Eagle, Take a Chance on Me - MatrixGuy

6 Waterloo

How is this a bad album? Really, there is no such thing as a bad ABBA song or album. I like the songs Waterloo, Honey Honey and Hasta Manana. I totally disagree if this was the worst.

Probably not my favourite but I like their songs Waterloo, Honey Honey and Hasta Manana! - ivylee

By far their worst. A lot of crap. The exceptions are Waterloo, honey honey, and dance

7 Ring Ring

Their first album, and the song with the same title gave the group their big break in several European countries - MatrixGuy

Their first album is pretty good. I like their songs Ring Ring, Love Isn't Easy, Disillusion and Another Town Another Train! - ivylee

I think their first album is good!

9 The Singles the First Ten Years
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1. Arrival
2. ABBA - The Album
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1. Arrival
2. Voulez-Vous
3. ABBA - The Album

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