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41 Under Attack

My all time favourite abba song of all time. chorus is so amazing it is pop perfection!

42 When I Kissed the Teacher

This song is fun, cheerful and silly! - ivylee

In my opinion I think that is the best song of abba

Added on 25th Aug 2012. No mention of it till now. That sums up the people's chlice these days.

Puts me iut of the worst of moods... Jag älskar dig abba

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43 If It Wasn't for the Nights

Never released as a single, but a very catchy song!

It's very catchy and upbeat but is underrated. - ivylee

44 That's Me

Abba's most underrated song, by far. And in my opinion one of their best.

I really like this one. Very cheerful and happy! - ivylee

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45 The Way Old Friends Do

This is also my favourite ABBA song. I really wish they had made a studio recording of it as well as the live version. This is the song Frida and Agnetha chose to recently sing at the 60th anniversary party in Sweden of Bjorn and Benny's musical collaborations.

I know every ABBA song, but this one is the best by far
For me.
Very simple, very minimal, and therefore all the more powerful. Sheer magic; The ultimate tribute to the universal power of love.


46 Should I Laugh or Cry
47 Another Town, Another Train

To be honest, I do like this song. It's quite calm. Yes, it's underrated but I enjoy it! - ivylee

I know it's not that known but I love the song! I have always loved Abba and their songs! Abba is my favourite music group and will stay like that forever! ❤️

48 I Let the Music Speak

Awesome! Sounds like it would fit good in a Tim Burton Batman movie

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49 Arrival

Astonishing instrumental, criminally under-rated.

50 So Long

57th? Really?
Do people not know this song?

51 Rock Me V 1 Comment
52 Kisses of Fire
53 Two for the Price of One
54 Hasta Manana

The song is beautiful! Agnetha's voice is just amazing! - ivylee

Bitter sweet song with Agnetha on lead vocals. Very sing-aa-long and moving.

Great song. Too underrated!

Good tune and favourite

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55 Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure is Hard Enough)

This is a fun and silly song. The video is also entertaining. I think that, while it's not to well known, it deserves a place on this list, but not the top.

A fun and happy song! Both couples looked young by then!

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56 Like an Angel Passing Through My Room
57 Head Over Heels

Great song! It should get more praise!

58 Tiger
59 Nina Pretty Ballerina
60 The Piper

Magical, latin chorus like singing in the middle

Very special song, one of the best

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