Top Ten Best Ace Frehley Solos

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1 Strange Ways

I thought brontosaurus were extinct. How did ace get one to guest on this solo?

Finally a list that agrees with my opinion... Strange ways #1

The solo in Strange ways is brilliant,

This solo never ceases to amaze me.

2 Love Her All I Can

one of his best "technical" solos combined with his emotion sound

3 Snowblind
4 Rocket Ride

A killer wah-wah solo (very rare for Ace) that is played with both passion and laser-like precision. Just a glimpse of Ace's brilliance when he was sober, and why many of today's younger guitar heroes hold him in such high regard.

This is ace showing rick derringer (or who ever plays on the other songs on this album side) how its done..

5 Parasite

Pure evil from start to finish

blistering also has his trademark vibrato

6 Shock Me

I don't know what half of the people on here are listening to, but the majority of the songs on this list aren't even sung by Ace.

His best solo, speed, tone and fire. Here Thayer try to replicate and you appreciate it's technical complexity

Captures the live vibe.

This is the best!

7 Deuce
8 Makin Love
9 Let Me Go, Rock N Roll

The live version on Alive. My God, you think he just got off, but then he licks it with sweetness and intensity towards the end of the piece. My boggling yet awe inspiring. Makes me want to air guitar. Definitely one of the greatest solos by Ace.

10 Rip It Out
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11 Calling Doctor Love

I mean... for heaven sakes, I get #%@! Just listening to it. You know for sure there is a God, I no longer consider myself a virgin. Rock on!

12 I'm In Need Of Love

underrated solo combines speed and music sense

13 Ozone

one of my favorite songs by him

14 Dark Light

Since it is about best solos, this one should probably be in the top ten. The song is ok, but the Anton Fig drums and solo are really quite fluid. I wonder if he can still even play this fast?

15 New York Groove
16 Detroit Rock City

I'm almost sure I read that ACE said ( that's not me! ) l am cool with it... they sure as hell tried to make a ace of it! RKN.

Well-executed by both Ace & Paul.

17 Fractured Mirror

The creme de la creme, take you to a place far, far away

18 The Acorn Is Spinning

frehleys comet song I think he was at his all time best here about when he peaked as a guitarist

19 100,000 Years

Even bruce kulick was amazed

20 Almost Human

shows off his great abiity to create sound

21 Love Gun

Simple and impressive at the same time.

The best! Sounds great!

22 Two Sides of the Coin

Why isn't this song on here considering a lot of the songs on here aren't even sung by Ace.

23 Speedin' Back To My Baby
24 Save Your Love
25 Black Diamond

Are all of you nuts Black Diamond has one of the most mindblowing lead sections of all time this is Ace truly at his best

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